Monday, December 9, 2013

#MegaMockWedding Weekend

Austin and I had so much fun celebrating our friends Jon and Megan last weekend!  Their wedding was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and it happened to be in Austin.  That was perfect for us since it meant we got to see my in-laws and have a belated Thanksgiving celebration with them!  As any reader of this blog knows, we have been to a LOT of weddings over the past few years, and my favorite thing about all of the weddings is that they are little reunions for us to catch up with friends from school. 


The groom in the middle and some of the groomsmen – I can proudly say that I’ve been to the wedding of every person in this picture.  Reliving their college glory days in the below pic, I’m sure! 




The only picture I got from the actual wedding – and I promise the groom DOES have a face.  Trying to be discreet does not often result in the best photography… I always feel so awkward taking pics in the middle of a wedding – anyone else?


Boys on one side and girls on the other at the reception.  I always love getting to catch up with these two!  Cassie (in the middle) and I decided that she is going to be my new blog consultant… she was helping me come up with blogging ideas all night.  I’m working on getting her some business cards. Winking smile I do have to give her credit for the title of this post… the bride and groom had a cute sign at their rehearsal with their wedding hashtag = #megamockwedding (Her name is Megan, his last name is Mock, and when they were fish camp co-chair partners, they combined the two to get “megamock.”) 



And it just wouldn’t be a proper Ol’Ags wedding without this group sing-a-long… I refuse to type the name of the song.  And I just realized that we may not have done this at our wedding – sorry Austin!



Congratulations Jon and Megan!  We had a wonderful time!

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