Tuesday, November 26, 2013

These Are a Few of my Favorite… Stocking Stuffers!

Linking up with the wonderful Elise again today to share some of my favorite tiny treats to find in a stocking on Christmas morning.   


1.  Essie nail polish – I’m a nail polish junkie, and I don’t think you can ever have too much.  Essie is my personal fave, and there are so many colors to choose from!  I gave myself a Christmas morning mani last year with Essie “Raspberry,” which just so happens to also be on my nails right this minute.  Festive!

Christmas Mani  latte

2. Milk frother – we got one of these in Charleston, and I love it.  It took me years to buy one for myself, but I just know any coffee drinker would love to receive it as a gift.  Who wouldn’t want a latte at home every morning? 

3. Fun tights – my mom has stuffed our stockings with fun colored or patterned tights before, and that was a stocking highlight for sure.  I’ve seen several cute No Nonsense tights lately that would be perf for a stocking.  These fun purple tights came in a stocking one Christmas.  Look at these cute polka dot tights from JCP for less than $10!  I need them!

purple tights  polka dot tightspolka dot tights

4.  For any card lovers like me, a personalized address stamp would be a delightful stocking stuffer.  I’m holding out on purchasing one of these beauties until we are at a more permanent address, but there are so many fun options on Etsy for these, like this shop or this one.  Even just stamps in general are great stocking stuffers – this honeybee is too cute!

 address stamp  honeybee stamp

5. Fun Bracelets – I have at least ten different versions of a monogrammed bracelet pinned on my “Wish List” Pinterest board.  Multiple bracelets are pinned from Sweet Auburn Studio on Etsy.  Bracelets are just the right size for a stocking! Smile  I gave my sister Melanie some cute scalloped bracelets from C.Wonder last year – another great source for giftable jewelry!

SAS bunny mono bracelet  SAS tassel bracelet

And, I can’t let the stocking stuffer post conclude without mentioning a tradition in my family that my Dad has carried on from his childhood.  We each get an apple, an orange, a penny, a nickel, a dime, and a quarter in our stockings.  It is simple and old fashioned, but I love it and I know I’ll continue it with my own children one day. 

I’m looking forward to reading posts from everyone else who is linking up today and getting more stocking stuffer ideas! 


  1. We are so on the same page with the address stamp...YES! Milk frother...who would've thought of that?! GREAT IDEA!!!! :) So so so loving those fabulous bracelets too. I am definitely wanting some tassels in my life!!! Thanks for linking up with us, lady love! xx

  2. Tights are so fun! I love personalized address stamps-I'm a stationary/mail sending junkie so it's the best little add on! Enjoyed stopping by from the link up! :)

  3. PS-My mom is traditional like your dad and would always put an apple and orange in our stocking too! Sometimes I wish holidays were simple like they were in the past.

  4. Thanks for sharing that Etsy site- I'm headed that way now! Those bracelets are just too cute to pass up!

  5. Milk frother...I love mine. And those tights are incredible!

  6. The honeybee stamp is adorable! And what a sweet note about your Dad's tradition. I just love hearing about that.

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  8. Love you list! So many great things that I wouldn't have thought of!