Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quick Thursday Post

Hi Friends!  This week has almost gotten the best of me, but I can’t let another day slip by without popping in on the blog.  I had to be at work early yesterday and that really just cut into my morning and left me with no time to blog.  I checked my camera and it seems the only photo-worthy highlight of our week so far was the tomato soup I made on Tuesday.  Austin made the grilled cheese croutons! 


We have been having some very fallish weather, and the beginning of the week was especially dreary.  Perfect soup weather!


Last night we went to Fort Worth right after work and had a fun dinner with friends, and tonight some friends from church are coming over for supper.  Having fun dinner plans to look forward to during the day makes me so happy!  I’ll try to document tonight’s dinner better than last night’s since I did take a single picture. 

Happy Thursday – it’s almost Friday!  I WILL see y’all tomorrow for 5 on Friday. 


  1. Yum!! Such a perfect November staple meal.