Monday, November 11, 2013

On the Road Again

Our weekend included a trip to Austin to see my sister-in-law Casey perform at her high school’s musical event of the semester.  It is always a treat to get to see her put on a show, and she did a wonderful job. 

We left Dallas early Saturday morning and enjoyed a quiet ride down I-35.  The most exciting thing that happened on the drive was spotting a random hot air balloon floating around near the interstate.  That’s not something that I see everyday!


We had brunch with Austin’s whole family once we got to town, and I was too hungry to even stop and take a picture of the delicious spread.  Breakfast casserole is pretty much one of my love languages, so I was loving life!  Brunch was followed by some football watching and a nice long walk before the Aggie game that afternoon. 

Casey and my in-laws had to go up to the school early to get ready for the production that night, so they left while we were out on our walk.  We all met at a Mexican restaurant for a quick dinner before that evening’s show, and my mother-in-law and I nearly died when I walked into the restaurant in an outfit that was VERY similar to hers.  Since I hadn’t seen her when she left, I had no idea that she was wearing a black top and leopard scarf… just like me!  Great minds think alike I guess!  We all got a good laugh out of our unintentional matching. 


Casey had quite the fan club at the show – I think we all took up at least one full row in the auditorium.  It was great to see some of Austin’s grandparents that night and all get to enjoy watching Casey together.


Sunday morning we got up early to have coffee with Austin’s parents before heading back to Dallas.  We hated to miss church and Sunday school, but we did get back in time for a lunch meeting with some friends from class, so it worked out that we still got to see our church friends on Sunday and make some plans for our class in the coming months.  After the lunch meeting we ran to Target for a few necessities for the week.  And I discovered the way to avoid all of the unnecessary purchases that are SO tempting at Target – just take your husband.  Austin was shutting me down every time I even started to wander towards anything fun.  It was probably the quickest I’ve ever gotten in and out of Target in my life! 

We had my idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon once we got home – laundry, a nap, magazine reading, and even hot chocolate with marshmallows.  Pure bliss! 

hot choc date 

Beautiful verse (via this pretty site) for our Monday.  Hope your week is off to a joyful and productive start! 


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  1. Seeing that picture really put me in the mood for hot chocolate!! Looks like such a fun weekend!