Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mel is Married!

What a weekend!  We are back in the big D after a whirlwind of a wedding weekend in Arkansas.  Melanie and Clark’s wedding was so very beautiful!  Hot Springs in the fall is a pretty pretty place to be, and they just couldn’t have picked a better location.  I thought about breaking this up into multiple posts, but I decided I’d rather just have all of the goodness in one giant post.

Austin and I, as well as most of the rest of my family, got into town on Thursday afternoon.  We got checked in, and pretty much immediately started working on the welcome bags for all of the guests.  Everything went pretty quickly once we got it all laid out and started filling the bags.

IMG_2854  IMG_2856  IMG_2860



The finished product had a mini pumpkin bread bundt cake, party mix, ginger cookies, candy, gum, water bottles, and a map of Hot Springs.

That evening, we went to a restaurant called The Dixie Café for supper.  It reminded me of the blog, of course!  We also took an Aggie picture when we got back to the hotel after a long day of traveling and wedding prep.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned on the blog yet, but my youngest sister Mary Katherine officially decided that she is Aggieland bound next year!  Whoop!  We are so excited. 

IMG_2863  IMG_2862

On Friday morning, Austin and I got up early and went for a run on an awesome trail that we found in Hot Springs.  It was so beautiful – and so cold!  We were giddy over the fall temperatures and all of the pretty fall leaves to look at while we ran.  It was called the Hot Springs Creek Greenway Trail in case any fellow runners are ever in the area.  The trail reminded us of a more scenic version of our own Katy Trail here in Dallas.

After that Mary Katherine and I reported for duty to assist with Mel’s bridal session.  The photographer that she used for the wedding was based out of Hot Springs, so she did the bridals there on Friday.  The grounds of the gardens where the wedding was held were just so stunningly beautiful.  I can only imagine the greatness that the photographer was able to capture!

IMG_2864  IMG_2867



I was slightly obsessed with the bouquet and found a gazillion pictures of it on my camera when I got home.


IMG_2880  IMG_2884


IMG_2910  IMG_2921


Ok one more of the bouquet – I love it!


And one more of the gorgeous and excited bride!


After the pictures wrapped up, we had a quick lunch and ran an errand,and before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the rehearsal. 

IMG_2942  IMG_2932

IMG_2939  IMG_2949



We rehearsed, and then we had a Thanksgiving feast!  Since Mel and Clark will be in St. Lucia on Thanksgiving, (poor them, I know) we had a Thanksgivingish meal on Friday night of roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, dressing, green beans, cranberry sauce, and THE WORLD’S BEST ROLLS.  I kid you not, I probably talked about those rolls for ten minutes straight.  Thank goodness the reception was at the Hot Springs Country Club just like the rehearsal dinner was, so I got to eat those little pillows of goodness again at the reception.  I think at one point Melanie was pretty close to throwing something at me to get me to shut up about the blessed rolls.  She still gave me my bridesmaid’s gift of gorgeous earrings to match our dresses for the next day though!


And then it was wedding day!  The wedding was in the morning, so we had a super early morning to start the getting ready process.  We were at the venue and taking pictures before 8:30 a.m.!

IMG_2962  IMG_2964



And then she was married!  I still can’t really believe it, but it happened, and it was beautiful.  Mary Katherine and I snuck into the reception area while everyone was going through the receiving line to see the cake and the tables.  So gorg!

IMG_2969  IMG_2974



They danced, then Mel and Dad danced, and then we ate a delicious lunch of beef tenderloin, roasted potatoes, sautéed veggies, ROLLS, and salad.  The wedding cake was one layer of carrot cake, one of spice cake, and one of red velvet.  Clark had several different cheesecakes for his groom’s cake.  It was all so very tasty!


IMG_2968  IMG_2971

IMG_2981  IMG_2982


And then it was over and they were off!  The silver lining of our super early morning was that we were able to come back to Dallas yesterday afternoon and have a normal Sunday of church and relaxing to get ready for another short work week.  I’m so excited that I get to see my family again in just a few short days for Thanksgiving.   Well, except Mel – I’m only a little jealous that she’s living it up on a beach right now!


  1. Emily, thanks so much for sharing Melanie's wedding day on your blog. It looks like it was a beautiful weekend and they look so happy. I wish we had been there too. Can't wait to see them again soon as newly weds!
    Have a happy Thanksgiving!
    Love, Aunt Pam

  2. So so pretty!!! And the food sounds AMAZING!!

  3. So much to celebrate! Welcome to the Aggie family Mary Katherine! And Congrats to Mel! She looked so, so beautiful!