Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Productive Saturday + A Fun Surprise!

I hate to miss a 5 on Friday, but fitting in a run was more important to my mental sanity at the end of this week than a blog post.  Today has turned out to be a great day with an added bonus of some time for blogging this afternoon! 

First of all, happy 18th to this gorgeous sister of mine on the right!  I can’t believe she is 18 – the age of graduating high school and starting college.  This year is going to be a good one for her, I just know it!


Ok now back to recapping the end of the week/weekend so far.  We have made it a point lately to do more dinners with friends during the week, which sometimes makes for long days, but getting to know some of our church friends better is most definitely worth it!  There is never enough time to do everything that we’d like to do from a social standpoint, but I’m thankful that Austin often takes the initiative to set up dinners for us with other couples. 

It is amazing how much more you can learn about someone by sharing a meal with them than by just engaging in small talk Sunday after Sunday.  Anyway, I saw one of the couples that we’ve recently had dinner with today at a church function, and she brought me the goody back of all goody bags.  I am so in shock!  I felt like it was Christmas morning when I opened up this bad boy!  It really made my day that she took the time to gather this stuff together and give it to me.  One of the things I learned at dinner was that she has what sounds like an awesome job for a company that produces a lot of beauty products (I think it comes with some pretty sweet swag Winking smile).  I came straight home and started playing with the make up, and I can’t wait to try the hair products.  There is a pretty perfect red lipstick in there that I think will be great with my outfit for my sister’s rehearsal dinner (OMG that is this Friday by the way).


While we’re on the topic of beauty products, I scooped up this little guy this week at Ulta.  I’m sure I’ve seen it on a blog before, and it was a much cheaper alternative to my beloved Boscia.  The Boscia mask is staying on the Christmas list for now, and so far I am satisfied with this minty stand-in for now. 


I Red heart masks – especially Saturday morning masks in polka dotted pajamas.


It was also quite a treat this morning to sit down and make my grocery list and do some meal planning for our short week with my recipe binder by my side.  I’m about to sound like a giant nerd, but I love writing a grocery list of everything that I think of that I need but then re-writing it before I actually go to the store to divide everything into categories based on the area of the store where things can be found.  This is just about the only thing that can make me feel efficient on a Saturday afternoon Wal-Mart trip with the rest of Dallas. 


I kind of got a kick out of the state of our fridge this morning while I was standing around waiting for the coffee to finish brewing.  Wedding invitations for days y’all.  Side note – Austin usually makes our coffee at night, and I’m so spoiled by that.  It was so very inconvenient to have to make it myself this morning!



Wedding fun, here we come!  Now, I’m off to write a thank you note for my amazing bag-o-fun and cook some supper. 


  1. My fridge looks like that, except it's covered in birth announcements! Crazy! I too am a big nerd, as I do the EXACT SAME THING with my grocery list! Happy Sunday!!

    1. haha - love it! It totally makes me feel super accomplished before I even get to the store.

  2. A little jealous of your recipe organization and your goody bag. That's amazing!

    1. I was floored when my friend gave it to me. I've been having way too much fun getting ready in the mornings this week with all my new makeup!