Monday, October 7, 2013

The State Fair of Texas

Today kicks of renovation week for us, and I’m blogging in my office nook that is now FULL of all of my worldly possessions.  I had do do some acrobatics just to get into my chair this morning, but I wanted to be sure to blog about our fun time at the fair this weekend.


Buddy and Suann came into town on Saturday morning amidst rain and gloomy skies.  We were determined to do the fair, so we braved the cool, misty conditions and went for it!  It cleared right up in no time once we got there, and ended up being great fall fair weather. 

Our main agenda was all about the FOOD.  We had scouted and made our lists of the top things we wanted to try.  All these crazy fried foods are a big deal at the state fair, as I learned when we moved here two years ago.  This was a foreign concept to me, but one that is pretty fun to embrace once a year.  We tried some winners and some losers, but we definitely had a fun time doing it!

 IMG_2615  IMG_2614

Top: Fried Thanksgiving Dinner//Bottom: Texas Fireball (spicy pimento cheese) and Texas Tornado Potato

IMG_2629  IMG_2617

IMG_2627  IMG_2642

Top: Roasted Corn (my fave!) and Fried PB&J with Banana//Bottom: Fried Nutella


We wandered around for several hours (thank goodness we did a lot of walking, because as you can tell, we did a LOT of eating!) and stopped by to see the newly updated Big Tex.  I went a little crazy taking pictures of his new boots. 






I’ve still never ridden that giant Ferris wheel – maybe next year!



We’re so glad Buddy and Suann came to Dallas for a fun fair weekend.  They also stayed and went to church with us yesterday, and it was wonderful to have them there.  The rest of our weekend was consumed with packing up everything in our apartment for these renovations to start today – hoping that they go quickly and I don’t have a panic attack from all the clutter! 

Have a great week!


  1. oh how I LOVE fried fair foods....I'm starving now. ;)

    1. Haha well after eating them I am full for about a week!

  2. SO FUN! makes me want to go to our NC state fair in a couple of weeks. i haven't been since i was a kiddo...i am sure it is such a different experience through grown up eyes!! :)

    glad y'all had fun!

    1. You should go - definitely a different perspective than when we were little, but still so fun! And the food - ohmyword!