Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mel’s First Shower

My sister’s wedding festivities have officially begun!  We went to Ruston this weekend for me to attend her first shower and for Mel and Clark’s engagement party.  Both were wonderful, and I’m so glad we got to be there!  I had my camera out at the shower but never took it out of my purse at the engagement party, so I have pictures of about half of what we did that day.  I just had too much visiting to do at the engagement party to be bothered with pictures, but know it was beautiful!  I almost wish I had taken some pictures because the house of the hosts was so gorgeous – magazine worthy for sure. 

But, back to the shower!  It was given by several ladies of Clark’s church.  We missed Mary Katherine so much – she wasn’t able to come on Saturday but will be at next weekend’s shower, thank goodness.  


All three of my grandmothers were there, but I only managed to get a picture with two of them.



Mel with the mothers, grandmothers, and sisters – we are all so excited for November!


I was busy writing down the gifts while she was opening them, but I had to take a pic of a few of my favorites.  She got so many pretty pretty things!  I’ve never seen so many cloth napkins and pretty tea towels.  She is going to have some majorly gorg tablescapes.  I definitely had some linen envy going on. 

IMG_2660  IMG_2662

I MUST have that juicer.  I have this same color Le Cruset, but I had not seen that precious little guy until her shower.  I totally need one!  If you know Mel, then you know that giant turtle tray makes total sense.

IMG_2661  IMG_2663

Me, Mel, and Clark’s two sisters. 


It was a great first shower, and she has two more coming up this weekend – can’t wait for those!  I’ll bombard y’all with more shower pics and gifts that I want for myself next week. 


  1. the shower looks lovely! And I liked your dress!

  2. Beautiful pics of such a fun time!!!


  3. Pretty sisters! Love both of your dresses!

  4. so precious!!! my sisters wedding festivities start with her engagement party in november! i can't wait!!! weddings never get old...and they're the most fun with sisters!!! :)

  5. Looks like so much fun! Y'all looked beautiful--love your dresses!