Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Long time no see!  Despite my best intentions to blog on Monday, then on Tuesday, neither happened so here I am, and we are basically halfway done with the week. 

In an attempt to catch up from Saturday, here’s a brief recap of our weekend and week so far. 

SATURDAY: went to my hair appointment, really liked the new girl and place that I tried, went from there to lunch with new JL friend and had a great time visiting and getting to know her better, came home in the afternoon thunderstorms that hit big D, attempted to fix my hair despite the raging humidity (it was a lost cause), got ready for the wedding with Brooke, and went to Trip and Lindsay’s sweet wedding. 

photo (6)

photo 1  Precious people, very tasty food (there was a mac and cheese bar!), and getting to catch up with Brooke made for a fun night!

I ended the night on the couch finishing the Aggie game (thank goodness we won) and texting pictures of my hair to my sisters.  The lack of natural light in my bathroom probably doesn’t result in the best pictures, but oh well, I’m happy to be blonder again!  

photo 2 (1)    photo 3  photo 4

SUNDAY: Church in the morning, lunch with Cam at Fadi’s (best hummus ever!) homework for my Bible study all afternoon, more church in the evening.  I’m such a homework procrastinator with this class.  I did two weeks’ worth of homework on Sunday afternoon and finished in just enough time to change clothes and get back to church for the class.  I made myself a pretty scrumptious latte to fuel my homework session.

photo 5

My class on Sunday evening was FASCINATING.  Part of our homework was a personality profile, and then we had a speaker come discuss the four major personalities – that kind of stuff is so very interesting to me – I just ate it up!  I’ve since made Austin, my mom, and Melanie take the personality profile assessment as well just so I can know what they are.  The assessment we studied is from Personality Plus by Florence Littauer.  If anyone is interested, I think there are some free versions of the quiz online, but here is the book that was the source of our lesson. 

MONDAY – worked semi-late, ran some errands, and spent two hours on the phone with my mom and Mel talking about that personality assessment (hence, no blog post). 

TUESDAY – ran in the morning for the first time since our race… that was harder than it should have been!  I went straight from work to a dinner at church with Austin.  We didn’t get home until almost 9:00 from the dinner, and 9:00 is basically the start of my witching hour, so blogging was not in the cards last night either.  We did so enjoy the speaker and the company at the dinner last night.  I’m so thankful for our church. 

Now here we are on Wednesday, and I’m looking forward to a productive day and thankful for a morning at home and the promise of getting to spend the evening at home and watch some of my favorite fall shows tonight.  And maybe I’ll finally watch Sunday’s season premiere of Revenge!  Can’t believe it’s been three days and I still haven’t seen it.  Oh, and just for the sake of looking back on my posts one day and remembering, I’ve also been semi-obsessed with following news coverage of the government shutdown.  Fascinating stuff to a political science major.  

Off to watch Fox & Friends, pack my lunch, and get ready for the day!

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  1. It seems like the weeks are getting busier instead of slowing down! I'm looking forward to some much needed down time this weekend! PS: your hair looks GREAT!!