Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Current Events

The Syria issue is dominating the news these days, and I thought Austin made a pretty good point on Twitter earlier this week.  Then, yesterday, this editorial from the pastor of our church came out and basically makes the same point – we are so up in arms about what is undoubtedly a horrible thing that has happened in Syria, but what about the many many many babies that we allow to die here year after year?  It’s an interesting perspective that’s been on my mind this week. 

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Lately I’ve been loving The Skimm daily email after reading about it in one of April’s previous 5 on Friday posts.  It is really handy for getting a daily dose of current events!

On a much lighter note but still in the “current events” vein, it’s BAMA week in Aggieland!  There is so much hype and anticipation for this game – it is going to be crazy!  I can’t wait to watch. 


I caught Austin measuring for a new TV just in time for Bama this past weekend – that was a fun conversation, ha!  We are most definitely not getting a new TV this week since I don’t even think we are planning to watch the game at home.  College Station will no doubt be absolutely electric on Saturday, but we will be watching from here in the big D and cheering on the Ags!  I’ll also be cheering on Ole Miss this weekend and hoping that they BTHO Texas and continue the embarrassment of Texas football that began last week when they got absolutely rolled by BYU. 

Gig ‘em + Hotty Toddy!

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