Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bliss is:

… finding out on Friday that I didn’t have to work on Monday and having an unexpected three day weekend

… having time to catch up on all of the laundry AND (for probably the first time ever) all of the ironing

… finishing Friday Night Lights and eating apple bran muffins on a rainy Monday morning at 10:00am (don’t let the picture fool you – I ate three)  Oh, and I cried multiple times during the series finale of FNL.  Best show ever.


… cleaning out my closet and getting rid of a ton of clothes I haven’t worn in ages

… taking my time over coffee on a Monday morning to menu plan for the week 

… cleaning out my inbox (almost nothing makes me feel more productive!)

… taking a nap on Saturday afternoon … and another one on Sunday

… reading an entire book on a Monday and finally making my way through the pile of magazines that have been building up for weeks

… the best turkey burgers for supper on Monday


… this lemon poppy-seed zucchini bread that earned a spot on this week’s menu plan

… brunch of french toast, eggs, and bacon on a Saturday morning while watching College Gameday for the first time this year

… new shoe shelves in my closet that have basically proved themselves to be LIFE CHANGING (don’t you judge my hot pink and orange Croc flip flops)

IMG_2534  IMG_2535

And now it’s Wednesday!  And I’m finally getting my act together and finishing this blog post that I clearly started this weekend while on a bliss-induced high that only a three day weekend can bring.  Our weekend was the perfect blend of productive and relaxing, and I just loved every second of it.  Plus, a three day weekend means a four day work week – woo hoo!  My blog slacking got the best of me this morning when I woke up to an email from my #1 blog fan (that would be my father-in-law – hi Buddy!) wondering why in the world I hadn’t posted since Friday.  

So far this week, we’ve gotten two runs on the books in preparation for e-l-e-v-e-n miles on Saturday.  I’m terrified.  We attempted 10 on Saturday and I think we actually ran something like 9.5.  I was dying!  We ran later than usual, and the heat just about did me in.  Pray for me on Saturday!  I got some cute new shorts and a tank on Monday, and I just keep telling myself that is going to make this weekend’s run easier.  That and I’ll be looking forward to a BBQ with our Sunday school class on Saturday night!    

Last night we had a draft party for our couples fantasy football league.  This would normally NOT be my thing at all despite the abundance of crazed FF devotees in the world these days, BUT seeing as how I won first place in our league last year, I’m feeling a repeat for Tebows & Arrows (my team) and hoping I will get lucky with my draft picks again this year.  We have five couples in our league, and we all got together and drafted in the same room.  It was pretty fun for a Tuesday night!

Well that about gets us up to speed.  See y’all tomorrow [hopefully]!

P.S. Our Aggies won on Saturday!  Whoop!  I’m not even going to think about opening the Johnny can of worms on the blog – judging from my Facebook news feed, many many many other people with blogs covered pretty much every possible angle of the Johnny saga.  

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