Tuesday, September 24, 2013

20K- check!

We survived!  I have no photographic evidence whatsoever, but we made it through the race on Saturday, and it felt so good to accomplish our goal that we’ve been working towards for the past several months.  We were blessed with AMAZING weather that was just the cherry on top of a great day Saturday.  Our official time was 1:52:47, which was thrilling to us – that is a faster pace than we usually ran in our training runs, and under the two hour mark, so we were happy with it. 

The alarm went off at 5am on Saturday morning, and we got up and ate a little breakfast first thing.  We had a little bit of coffee, too.  Austin had some overnight oats, and I had toast with peanut butter and 1/2 a banana.  We got dressed and ready and were out the door by 6:00.  We drove to the designated parking lot and hopped on a shuttle bus that took us directly to the Arboretum.  It was a treat to get to walk through the Arboretum and see all of the millions of pumpkins early in the morning on what felt like the first day of fall (wait, maybe it was the first actual day of fall?!) – I want to go back in the daylight soon!  We stretched and walked around as we waited for the 7am start time. 

Once the race started, we settled in to a nice pace and enjoyed people watching – at this point I was just about GIDDY over the weather since most of our long runs during our training were super hot and super humid.  The cool weather and adrenaline made us feel slightly invincible, I think.  We ran the first mile in just over nine minutes and I was worried that we started off to fast, but we managed to maintain about the same pace throughout.  Then we ran for a long time and then it was over!   

There were lots of water/Gatorade stations throughout the course, and the people handing out the little cups were super nice and cheerful.  We took some Cliff shot blocks and ate them throughout the race at random times, and that seemed to work for us – I think I ate four or five total?  At the finish line, we were handed a bottle of water and a hat, then we made our way back to the post-race expo that was at the Arboretum.  There were so many tents set up handing out everything from cookies to fro-yo to pizza – it was crazy!  We had a few snacks and a lot of water and stretched, then we headed to eat a real meal at Barbec’s around 10:00 – food has never tasted so good.  After getting home and getting clean, I collapsed in my favorite chair for the rest of the day and it was amazing!

Ok that was a lot of words with NO pictures – I really wished I would have had my phone at least, but I left everything at home thinking it would just be one less thing to worry about. 

On Sunday, we had church as usual, then we came home and Austin’s parents and sister were here for another college visit in our area.  They stopped by on their way and after the visit we all went to dinner to celebrate the September birthdays – Austin’s is this week and Casey’s was last week. 

photo 1

 HG Sply

We went to a new-to-us place – HG Sply Co, and we all really enjoyed it – great food and the whole place had a cool vibe. 

The early fall weather has stuck around – thank goodness, so I celebrated by breaking out my favorite dress for this time of year – tweed with leather accents but still sleeveless since the temps are around 90 in the afternoons!  The nails also got a fall mani (Essie “Chinchilly”). 

photo 3   photo 4

Bye for now, friends!


  1. Congrats on the race!! I thought of you this weekend and was going to text a good luck, but didn't have your number. I'm so glad it went well! And PS I love that dress!!

    1. Thanks V! We need to exchange numbers :)

  2. Good for you, sister! Congrats!!

  3. You did rock it!! Congrats!! Reading this has me itching to sign up for a race! I'm 7 weeks post baby and finally starting to run again...measly 10 minute runs, but once my body is back in the swing of things I really want to sign up for a half!
    By the way, I love your ring! So classic!

  4. Awesome!! The 20k is a great distance....and love the nail polish!