Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Purse Post

How is it possible that I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years and never done the infamous “what’s in my purse” post?  I do like reading these posts on other blogs and getting a peek into what other people lug around with them all day in their purses, so here is what I found in my purse this morning and dumped out onto my kitchen table. 


I’ll attempt to go clock-wise from the left: aqua Paper Source planner, Pilot G2 .38 black pen (the best!), iPhone, polka dot notebook for my many lists, tiny pack of gum, Philosophy “Grace” hand lotion from a free sample (smells so good!), Vera Bradley sunglasses case, sunnies, my Hobo wallet, gold bobbies (never leave home without those little guys – I use them every single day in my hair), green apple bag with random make-up for touch ups inside, Paper Mate markers, a BB&B coupon (have to pick up a wedding gift tomorrow), Aleve, pink croc compact with tweezers, nail file, tiny scissors, etc., and finally, the clear Philosophy pouch with some of my make-up that I stuck in there yesterday for a touch up before last night’s Junior League meeting. 

Pretty standard contents, I think?  Last night at the JL small group meeting I attended, we were introducing ourselves with the standard where we’re from, where we went to college, where we work, etc., and we also had to find one random thing in our purse to show the table.  The coupon is probably the most random thing I have in there, so I whipped it out when it was my turn.   I would also maybe guess that not everyone travels with a set of 16 markers?  I use those in my planner for color-coding and on my desk calendar at work, so I never leave home without them!  Are there any super random things in your purse? 

Have a happy Wednesday! 

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  1. I've never done one of these either! Great idea! :)