Wednesday, August 21, 2013

List Love

It must be the “back to school” preparations in the air, but I’m feeling a serious need to clean, purge, organize, and refocus these days.  The general busyness of life can get so overwhelming, and generally my first response and main coping mechanism is to simply make a list – get my thoughts on paper so I can SEE what needs to be accomplished.  Often times just not having so many thoughts buzzing around in my mind but instead having things in list form helps me take a breath, prioritize, and get started. 

Perhaps pretty lists could take this concept to the next level?  I do utilize my home organization notebook as a home for many of my ongoing lists, but I could certainly stand to update it with a few of these pretties. 

The mother lode of pantry printables from here

pantry labels

Reading List printable from here

to read

This printable looks great for keeping track of Christmas gifts.  The fact that it is also my two favorite colors doesn’t hurt one bit. 

Christmas printable

This is the website where many of my current printables for my home organization notebook came from – it is a great resource and one I think I need to re-visit for some new and fresh printables. 

Ok, now I want to organize my pantry, plan for Christmas, re-write my to read list on the above cute printable, and re-organize my home organization notebook.  Not to mention that I’ve been feeling the urge to purge and get rid of a ton of junk that seems to have built up in every closet we have.  I think I have some sort of sickness!  In reality, I have to realize that the organization can happen, but not necessarily all at once.  I was just telling Austin yesterday that I want to tackle one area of the house at a time – I think the hall closet is happening this weekend.  I’m sure that will entail a trip to the Container Store, so at least I have that to look forward to!  Love. that. place. 

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