Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

[Linking up with the fabulous ladies above again on this August Friday!}

Welcome Friday, I am so glad you are here.  Somehow this week, Friday has turned in to the busiest day of my entire week.  So much to do today to prepare for the weekend ahead plus that little thing called WORK all day.  Sometimes work really gets in the way – I could totally use a day to just run all my errands – wouldn’t that be glorious?!

ONE: I came home to these pretties on Tuesday!  Sometimes that husband of mine can be pretty sweet.


TWO: Tomorrow morning we are going to a Sunday school party that I am just so stinking excited about.  The girls are all bringing a t-shirt or tank and some fun coordinating fabric to make a pocket.  AND, the best part is that Jessica, our SS teacher, has a monogramming machine and is going to monogram the pockets for us (well, and sew them on!).  I can’t wait.  I am taking a green t-shirt, and I’ve got to find some fun pocket fabric today… maybe a fun chevron or polka-dot?  Maybe with a pink or light blue monogram?  I will be sure to document the fun with pictures. 

mono pocket tee

Super cute, right?!  Oh, and the boys are going fishing while we make our shirts and have brunch.  Brunch + monograms = best Saturday morning ever! 

THREE: As a time saver on the mornings when we run, I’ve been letting my naturally wavy/curly-ish hair air dry instead of the usual blow dry + hot rollers routine, which takes far longer.  I discovered the best mousse ever this week when I picked it up on a whim at Kroger.

IMG_2474  IMG_2469

Some of my friends in law school legitimately called me “Emily-sometimes-curly-sometimes-straight” for the entire first semester of our 1L year.  I liked to keep ‘em guessing about how I would wear my hair on any given day. Winking smile There were three Emilys in our section (all three of us even had the same middle name!), so I think this was their preferred way to distinguish me?!  Anyway, this stuff is legit if your hair is borderline curly, but I do love pretty much all Dove hair products.  I was restocking my hairspray when this caught my eye. 

FOUR: I am developing a hard core obsession with learning how to do calligraphy.  My mom and one of my sweet Jackson friends, Rebecca, both know how, and I’m just dying to be able to join them.  Just this week, I’ve come across this Melissa Esplin course twice, and I’m seriously contemplating signing up for it.  I even started following a calligrapher on Instagram and I have to restrain myself from liking every single picture she posts! 

calligraphy cards

Does that make y’all squeal like it does me?!  Picture from here.  I’ve got to learn how to do this ASAP. 

FIVE:  Apparently I have turned into some kind of magazine hoarder recently.  All my favorites seem to come within days of each other, and they are piling up and getting out of control.  I can’t wait to read them all, and not reading them the day they come stresses me out just a tad.  I always used to do that, and I’m at a little bit of a loss as to how these have built up like this?!  Maybe Sunday afternoon will be a good time to tackle these little guys. 



  1. You should take the course! I think it's a great creative investment. I had planned on doing the calligraphy (Copperplate Style) for our wedding and it just didn't happen. Wish I would have dedicated the time to it because modern calligraphy is so beautiful.

  2. Monograms, pocket tees, brunch, and calligraphy! This post speaks straight to my heart!!!!

  3. Let me know if you take her course and how you like it! I found her a few months ago and am thinking about taking it after the wedding, but maybe before the holidays. I wanted to make sure I had a little more free time before I committed. :)

  4. Learning calligraphy is on my to do list too. It's awesome that you know two people who already know how to!

  5. I've been seeing such pretty things with calligraphy lately! I use to know how to do it, but it's been forever! I want a lesson on normal handwriting! i hate mine :(

    I'm going to try that mousse! I'm always looking for one for when I want to wear my hair curly.

  6. I am so bad about hoarding magazines, too! My husband recently made me toss a whole box, oops. And the pocket tee, so cute!

  7. I am the same way with magazines. They are over taking my house, but I don't hate it!