Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday

Hello hello!  I am just loving this link-up on Fridays lately, and I’m excited for today’s list.  Join the 5 on Friday party with A. Liz Adventures & friends. 

ONE: First things first, I got some VERY exciting news late Wednesday night – my sister is engaged!!!  I am so so excited and thrilled!  Time to re-subscribe to Southern Weddings and all of my other wedding blogs that I forced myself to stop reading shortly after our wedding. 

Congratulations Melanie & Clark (on the left in the pic)!!

photo (88)

Check out her gorgeous ring:

photo (92)

TWO: Last Friday, I mentioned that we have some travel-filled weekends coming up, and that reminded me of a cute project that I did for my sister-in-law Courtney as a wedding gift a few months ago (weddings on the brain today!). 

photo (90)

Courtney had pinned something similar on Pinterest, so Austin and I decided to make one for her and her new husband, Tyler.  I’ve been wanting to make one for us ever since so we can track all of the places that we’ve been and all the places we go in years to come. 

We blew up and printed out a picture of the USA and traced the outline of the lower 48, then, thanks to Austin’s help, we cut out each individual state and traced those for the state lines.  Does that even make sense?  don’t look too closely at West Virginia… I am sorry if you live there. Things got a little squished over there! 

A cute banner with fun chipboard letters and some coordinating push pins were a good final touch!  I think I want to make a bigger one for our house and maybe paint the frame, too?  I left the frame in this one so that Courtney could paint it a color to match her house if she decided to later down the road. 

THREE: Austin and I had two goals for the year – one was to be more old fashioned, and the other was to run a half marathon.  We are on track for the running goal (8 miles this weekend!!), but the old fashioned goal is a daily battle.  Mainly a daily battle with the iPhone.  I love you but I hate you, you amazing little appendage with your social media apps taunting me all day long!  This weekend we are truly unplugging and will be somewhere without wifi, without a computer, and my goal is to NOT carry my phone around with me all the livelong day like I do most days. 


FOUR: It’s safe to say that a washi tape craze is sweeping the nation, or at least the blog world.  I definitely have a few rolls of the fun tape in my craft box, but just recently I’ve been pinning some ideas on how to use it in crafts, wrapping, card making, etc. 

Isn’t this cake present precious?  That would be so cute on a wedding card, considering I will need some of those in the near future.  (found it here) And the wrapping possibilities really are endless. (from here

washi wrapping  washi wrapping 2

FIVE:This is quite random, but Mountain Valley Spring Water has become an obsession for me and Austin.  We can’t resist buying some every time we go to the grocery store.  We are apparently a marketer’s dream, because we bought it in the first place after seeing an add in Garden & Gun.  Now we’re hooked.  Maybe the 105 degree temps have a little something to do with our new-found love for this stuff!  Y’all should try it – so refreshing.   

photo (93)

Hooray for Friday – hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. Hi I just found your blog. Your sisters ring is so pretty!!!!

  2. Congrats to your sister! And I LOVE the washi tape ideas! I have some sitting around that I need to put to good use!

  3. Good for you for unplugging! We are on vacation this week and it's been hard to even stay away from social media. I'm almost at full data usage for the month (SOB!!) so I'm making myself stay away from the phone. Isn't it crazy how connected we are this day in age?

  4. I absolutely love your 5 today! Congrats to Mel! The traveling board is so cute and such a great idea!! And of course I love the washi tape ideas! So sorry if I blew up your feed the other night. Pinterest recommended a wrapping board that actually seemed never ending and I couldn't help myself repinning all of the pretty presents! :)

    1. Do not even apologize for the pinning - I love basically everything you pin, so I was excited to see you going on a spree, haha! Mel is excited - she is set on a fall wedding, and I think it is going to be THIS fall, so she and my mom are going to have to kick things into overdrive here real soon.

  5. I love the goal to live more old-fashioned. And that cake gift is so cute! Now I need more washi tape!