Friday, August 2, 2013

Another 5 on Friday

Hallelujah it’s Friday!  Happy to be linking up at A.Liz Adventures again this week – join the fun!

ONE – Weekend Getaways

We will be out of town a lot over the next few weeks, and I’m excited for our little getaways.  We have a lake trip planned with some Austin friends this weekend.  It has been ages since I’ve been on a boat or to the lake at all – probably since law school when my BFF Emily lived on the Rez in Jackson and we spent many a Saturday cruising on her parents’ boat.  Getting out of the city and having some down-time will be so nice after a long work week!

We are also heading back to my favorite place – Jackson – in a few weeks for this one’s wedding!  I’m looking forward to seeing her and some of my other Mississippi friends.

Dinner Party 4-18 002

This one is also engaged and I’m already getting so stinking excited for her wedding next summer! 


The only other trip we have on the horizon is out to west Texas to spend some time with my parents and grandparents at the hunting house/quail lease.  Some of the best sleep of my life has happened at that house – it is so dang quiet out there!  I’m looking forward to being there very soon. 

TWO – Boat Snacks

photo (87)

Austin went to the grocery store for me this week, which is so helpful and nice!  I love it when he does that.  It is always fun to see his “off the list” selections after these grocery store trips… This time he got some snacks for the boat this weekend, and I kind of can’t wait to dig in.  We don’t ever keep any of this stuff in our pantry, so these will be quite the weekend treat! 

THREE – SS  Friends


We got to celebrate a sweet couple in our class on Wednesday night with a going away/congratulations dinner.  Jared and Taylor are moving to Alabama and also just found out they are having a baby!  Exciting times for their family, and we sure will miss them.  Both of them work at our church currently – for about another week – and Taylor’s job is the wedding coordinator for the church.  How awesome is that?  I am so thankful for our church and our friendships from this class! 

FOUR – Shopping Between Seasons… is for the birds

Seriously – I am trying to find some good staples for my work wardrobe, but I HATE shopping during this time of year.  It seems like everything in stores right now is for fall… and news flash stores, it is 105 degrees outside.  We still have a lot of summer days left in the big D, and all I want to wear are skirts and dresses.  Austin and I are going to the mecca (NorthPark) at some point this weekend, so fingers crossed that I find something other than wool pants to wear to work for the next two or three months.

FIVE – We’re Setting Records


Ok, not really, but records for us!  Sometimes I am glad to be married to an accountant… We are getting ready for our first 20K race in September, and Austin has been writing down our times for every run we’ve been doing since we started our “training.”  Surprisingly, we are actually getting faster and running longer distances than we have before.  Faster may be the wrong term to use – we are by no means very speedy, and our goal is simply to get through the race without stopping, but it’s fun to see our progress.  We have a seven miler on the books for this weekend – hopefully our boat snacks won’t weigh us down too much! 

Hope y’all have a fabulous Friday.


  1. What a great list! I love a good weekend escape, especially if it involves a wedding. :)

  2. I love your hair! It is so, so pretty.

  3. I love what my husband brings home from the grocery store, it is usually very random! Also your hair looks so good in the middle picture, I have natural curly hair and it is a battle especially living in the south!

  4. love your blog! new follower:) & I always have boat snacks prepared...yum!