Monday, August 12, 2013

Adventures in West Texas

This past weekend, our travels took us west to a tiny town where my dad and grandfather lease some land for hunting.  My grandparents also have a house there, and is is one of my favorite places to go.  I think I sleep better there than just about anywhere in the world!  It is so quiet and calm – quite the opposite of our big city Monday – Friday life in Dallas. 


On Saturday morning, we ventured out on a mule ride with my parents to see the lease, which is part of a ranch near town.  I had only been to the lease one or two other times, but I had never spent much time there or seen the parts of it that we toured this weekend.  The countryside there is so different than any place I’ve ever lived, but it has a unique kind of rough beauty to it.  It feels so far away from anything and everything that it is almost a little spooky being out there in the middle of it, but it is wonderful at the same time. 

IMG_2390  IMG_2389

There are cotton fields as far as the eye can see, and I learned that some of them have pretty purple blossoms.  Who knew?

I can’t figure out just how this works, but there were also some random fruits and veggies growing on the ranch.  It is so dry there, that I don’t see how this is possible, but discovering a tiny watermelon (I think?) and some squash was a fun surprise. 

IMG_2386  IMG_2420

IMG_2399  IMG_2402

There were friendly cows all over the place, and I really wanted to pet them, (especially the babies - they look so soft!) but I settled for just taking a whole lot of pictures of them. 





IMG_2416  IMG_2404

They lease the land for quail hunting, and apparently Dad heard lots of quail, which was great news since quail have become a little bit scarce in those parts the past few years.  At one point we stopped and were overlooking a little canyon and Dad spent some time calling quail, and we even got to see one!  It was pretty fun listening to their “conversation” and hearing the quail get closer and closer to us and eventually fly out of a mesquite tree right over our heads. 




On Sunday morning Austin and I got up bright and early for this week’s long run.  We enjoyed a beautiful sunrise and some amazing scenery that was the perfect distraction for our minds during our eight miler.  The weather there is also cooler in the mornings and much less humid, so that was an added bonus!

Getting away for the weekend was such a refreshing change of pace, and now we are rested and ready for another busy week in Dallas. 

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