Friday, August 30, 2013

::Five on Friday::

Happy Friday!  It has been a crazy week in the big D, and I’m so glad the weekend is upon us.  Linking up with April & friends on this happy day!



It’s officially football season, and we can’t wait to watch our Aggies!  Oh, and guess who will be playing tomorrow?!  (In the 2nd half… Winking smile)


Ever since I spotted this billboard on my drive home a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been excited for the season ahead.  Who knows what the Ags will do, but I’m pretty sure it will be fun to watch.  Go Johnny Go!

photo (97)



photo (96)

I finally got to try The Hospitality Sweet for lunch recently, and gosh it was tasty.  I had a chicken and orzo and wild rice salad that was all kinds of good.  I can’t wait to go back!  The tiny café is right next to our church, and I know they have awesome coffee as well (Austin has brought me a latte from there before).  The sweet treats also looked delicious, and I’m not quite sure how I made it out of there on this particular day without a cookie.  



The State Fair of Texas is coming to Dallas very soon!  This has never been a huge deal to us, in fact, we have only been one time – our first year in Dallas.  BUT, last night Austin was reading me this list of foods that will be making an appearance this year, and I have to say I really want to go and try some of these “delicacies” this year!  At the top of my list are “Awesome Deep Fried Nutella,” described as “Nutella is whipped with cream cheese, spread over Phyllo dough, then fried. Honey and shaved almonds top this creation.”  Also the “Texas Fried Fireball” which is basically fried balls of pimento cheese and bacon.  And I think the “Fried Thanksgiving Dinner” is at the top of Austin’s list.  It all sounds so bad but so good – kind of like I want to taste one bite of everything but two bites might make me gag!  (fair pic)


photo (98)

We are getting closer and closer to race day now that September is upon us, and we have our first double digit training run on Saturday morning.  I am equal parts scared and excited!  On our last long run, we got delicious “recovery” smoothies at Smoothie King, so I’m hoping we continue that “tradition” tomorrow morning.  Other than the 10 miler, I have NO plans tomorrow, and I could not be more thrilled about it!


I just have to share a few cute random pictures of thinks that my mom and sisters have been up to these last few weeks.  Side note – my favorite thing about having an iPhone and my sisters having iPhones is that we can constantly text each other pictures.  I think we text more pictures than words.  We’re working on getting Mom hooked up with an iPhone next! 


Cute Sip & See invitation by Mom (above)// Sweet little lambs that Mom made for a group baby shower at my parents’ church (below)

imagejpeg_0 (1)

Adorable bulletin board from Melanie’s classroom!  She has some lucky little children that get to spend all day in her precious room. 


imagejpeg_0 (2)

And last but not least, this little one is a SENIOR in high school this year.  I can’t believe it!  She has already finished all of her college applications and gotten acceptance letters from 2 colleges already!  I’m so proud of her.  She texted me this pic of her “senior sign” for the first day of school this year.  


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Peek-in to our Weekend

This past weekend was a full one!  We started our Saturday morning with our Sunday school class for the aforementioned brunch and monogram party.  Oh, and the boys went fishing while the girls did our girly eating and crafting.  We had fabric and thread galore – thank goodness for Jessica’s stash and her sewing skills!


IMG_2479  IMG_2488

We started by choosing our fabric and our thread color, then Jessica’s handy machine did our monogramming on our fabric of choice.  Then, as Brooke is expertly demonstrating in the above picture, Winking smile we cut out our pocket shape. 


IMG_2492  IMG_2497

The next step was surging the edges of the pocket so that they wouldn’t fray with wear and washing.  Jessica had a handy surger that we all got to take a turn using.  Here I am just surging away!  Next we ironed the edges of the pocket down before placing the pockets on our shirts and making sure we had them pinned just right.


Finally it was time to sew, and Jessica demonstrated to show us all how it’s done!  Here is the expert with her finished product.  Thank you, Jessica!  I was terrified that I was going to RUIN my shirt, but I survived and am proud to say I sewed it all by myself. 


IMG_2511  IMG_2510

I’m obsessed! 

Saturday afternoon I took a quick nap at home before it was time to get ready for our dinner out with Katey and Casey.  We had a fun little DFW Restaurant Week double date at Pappas Bros Steakhouse.  We had an early reservation, so Austin and I toyed with the idea of going to see a movie afterwards, but we ended up coming home and watching two episodes of Friday Night Lights.  P.S. We only have like four episodes of the whole show left, and I don’t know WHAT in the world we are going to do when it is over?!  

Sunday was a great day at church.  We have missed our regular Sunday routine the past three weeks due to our traveling, and it was so nice to be back where we belong on a Sunday morning. 

We enjoyed some of our dinner leftovers for lunch then made a quick run to Trader Joe’s for groceries for the week.  When we got back home, my grandparents were here!  They drove over from Louisiana to attend a gospel concert at our church on Sunday night.  We loved having them and getting to visit on Sunday afternoon and attend the concert that evening.  The concert wasn’t over until about 9:00 pm, and we were so hungry when we left!  Mammo and Pop had never been to Pei Wei, so we settled on that, and everyone had a delicious late night supper.  It was such a treat to have them visit us! 

Well, that about gets us all caught up on our weekend.  We’re both having good weeks at work so far, and we’re looking forward to another weekend in the big D!   

Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

[Linking up with the fabulous ladies above again on this August Friday!}

Welcome Friday, I am so glad you are here.  Somehow this week, Friday has turned in to the busiest day of my entire week.  So much to do today to prepare for the weekend ahead plus that little thing called WORK all day.  Sometimes work really gets in the way – I could totally use a day to just run all my errands – wouldn’t that be glorious?!

ONE: I came home to these pretties on Tuesday!  Sometimes that husband of mine can be pretty sweet.


TWO: Tomorrow morning we are going to a Sunday school party that I am just so stinking excited about.  The girls are all bringing a t-shirt or tank and some fun coordinating fabric to make a pocket.  AND, the best part is that Jessica, our SS teacher, has a monogramming machine and is going to monogram the pockets for us (well, and sew them on!).  I can’t wait.  I am taking a green t-shirt, and I’ve got to find some fun pocket fabric today… maybe a fun chevron or polka-dot?  Maybe with a pink or light blue monogram?  I will be sure to document the fun with pictures. 

mono pocket tee

Super cute, right?!  Oh, and the boys are going fishing while we make our shirts and have brunch.  Brunch + monograms = best Saturday morning ever! 

THREE: As a time saver on the mornings when we run, I’ve been letting my naturally wavy/curly-ish hair air dry instead of the usual blow dry + hot rollers routine, which takes far longer.  I discovered the best mousse ever this week when I picked it up on a whim at Kroger.

IMG_2474  IMG_2469

Some of my friends in law school legitimately called me “Emily-sometimes-curly-sometimes-straight” for the entire first semester of our 1L year.  I liked to keep ‘em guessing about how I would wear my hair on any given day. Winking smile There were three Emilys in our section (all three of us even had the same middle name!), so I think this was their preferred way to distinguish me?!  Anyway, this stuff is legit if your hair is borderline curly, but I do love pretty much all Dove hair products.  I was restocking my hairspray when this caught my eye. 

FOUR: I am developing a hard core obsession with learning how to do calligraphy.  My mom and one of my sweet Jackson friends, Rebecca, both know how, and I’m just dying to be able to join them.  Just this week, I’ve come across this Melissa Esplin course twice, and I’m seriously contemplating signing up for it.  I even started following a calligrapher on Instagram and I have to restrain myself from liking every single picture she posts! 

calligraphy cards

Does that make y’all squeal like it does me?!  Picture from here.  I’ve got to learn how to do this ASAP. 

FIVE:  Apparently I have turned into some kind of magazine hoarder recently.  All my favorites seem to come within days of each other, and they are piling up and getting out of control.  I can’t wait to read them all, and not reading them the day they come stresses me out just a tad.  I always used to do that, and I’m at a little bit of a loss as to how these have built up like this?!  Maybe Sunday afternoon will be a good time to tackle these little guys. 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

List Love

It must be the “back to school” preparations in the air, but I’m feeling a serious need to clean, purge, organize, and refocus these days.  The general busyness of life can get so overwhelming, and generally my first response and main coping mechanism is to simply make a list – get my thoughts on paper so I can SEE what needs to be accomplished.  Often times just not having so many thoughts buzzing around in my mind but instead having things in list form helps me take a breath, prioritize, and get started. 

Perhaps pretty lists could take this concept to the next level?  I do utilize my home organization notebook as a home for many of my ongoing lists, but I could certainly stand to update it with a few of these pretties. 

The mother lode of pantry printables from here

pantry labels

Reading List printable from here

to read

This printable looks great for keeping track of Christmas gifts.  The fact that it is also my two favorite colors doesn’t hurt one bit. 

Christmas printable

This is the website where many of my current printables for my home organization notebook came from – it is a great resource and one I think I need to re-visit for some new and fresh printables. 

Ok, now I want to organize my pantry, plan for Christmas, re-write my to read list on the above cute printable, and re-organize my home organization notebook.  Not to mention that I’ve been feeling the urge to purge and get rid of a ton of junk that seems to have built up in every closet we have.  I think I have some sort of sickness!  In reality, I have to realize that the organization can happen, but not necessarily all at once.  I was just telling Austin yesterday that I want to tackle one area of the house at a time – I think the hall closet is happening this weekend.  I’m sure that will entail a trip to the Container Store, so at least I have that to look forward to!  Love. that. place. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sue Ann’s Wedding in Jackson

We are back from a whirlwind weekend of traveling to Jackson and back!  It was wonderful to see some of my Jackson friends and be back in my favorite city, and of course, we had a ball seeing sweet Sue Ann tie the knot on Saturday.


We spent Friday night in Ruston with my sister, Melanie, and it was my first time to see her after her engagement, so I loved getting to chat a little bit about her wedding plans.  We ran in Ruston on Saturday morning before heading to Jackson – our race is getting closer and closer, and we can tell we are making progress on our weekend long runs.  Having a change of scenery these past few weekends has been a treat and has definitely prevented us from getting bored on our runs.   

Our time in Jackson was super quick – we got there Saturday afternoon just in time for a late lunch at an old favorite, Beagle Bagel (best chicken salad ever!), with Emily and her fiancé, Matt.  Before we know it, it will be their wedding day.  Thanks, Em, for hosting us while we were in town!    


One of the best things about weddings is being reunited with old friends, and I had a great time catching up with some girls that I hadn’t seen since we graduated over two years ago!



And what fun would a wedding be without my date?! 


How cute are his blue socks?  They matched the tiny little whales on his tie… so presh!


We hit the road back to Dallas early Sunday morning so we could make it back for a meeting at church yesterday evening.  And now we are gearing up for the start of another busy week.  We are looking forward to a weekend in Dallas and getting to be back at church after all of our recent weekend traveling.  I sure hope these cooler-than-normal temps stick around for a bit.  Have a great week! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

5 on Friday!

It’s Friday and time for my favorite post of the week! 

ONE – Austin and I hit up the newest Trader Joe’s in town on Sunday afternoon for our groceries this week, and I’m thinking that will be a tradition we continue.  I’m a sucker for some of their pretty packaging, but mainly a sucker for the dark chocolate peanut butter cups.  I also really like their Minestrone – partially because it is good but due in large part to the can being so dang pretty!

photo (94)   photo (95)

TWO – Another praise for TJ’s – cheap flowers!  I’ve been enjoying these beauties all week.  The just match the pillows and throw on my couch, so I’m in color coordinated heaven over here.  Oh to have a bush of these in my yard one day.


THREE – We’ve had some rainy and overcast weather this week in the big D, and it has resulted in some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.  Snapped this picture of the pretty pink sky one morning this week – isn’t it just the best color?


FOUR – This link up has introduced me to some great new blogs that I’m now enjoying all throughout the week.  Here are some of my newest favorites:

FIVE – I am desperate for a pedicure before tomorrow night’s wedding.  I am going to have to find a way to squeeze one in between now and then.  I’m searching for the perfect late-summer pink to go with my dress for the wedding.  Essie’s Watermelon is a longtime favorite, but I’m thinking I need to change things up a little bit and try something new.  Crossing my fingers I can make a pedi happen – maybe in this Essie “Off the Shoulder?”

Essie off the shoulder

Hope y’all have a fabulous weekend - I’ll be back with a weekend & wedding recap on Monday!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Purse Post

How is it possible that I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years and never done the infamous “what’s in my purse” post?  I do like reading these posts on other blogs and getting a peek into what other people lug around with them all day in their purses, so here is what I found in my purse this morning and dumped out onto my kitchen table. 


I’ll attempt to go clock-wise from the left: aqua Paper Source planner, Pilot G2 .38 black pen (the best!), iPhone, polka dot notebook for my many lists, tiny pack of gum, Philosophy “Grace” hand lotion from a free sample (smells so good!), Vera Bradley sunglasses case, sunnies, my Hobo wallet, gold bobbies (never leave home without those little guys – I use them every single day in my hair), green apple bag with random make-up for touch ups inside, Paper Mate markers, a BB&B coupon (have to pick up a wedding gift tomorrow), Aleve, pink croc compact with tweezers, nail file, tiny scissors, etc., and finally, the clear Philosophy pouch with some of my make-up that I stuck in there yesterday for a touch up before last night’s Junior League meeting. 

Pretty standard contents, I think?  Last night at the JL small group meeting I attended, we were introducing ourselves with the standard where we’re from, where we went to college, where we work, etc., and we also had to find one random thing in our purse to show the table.  The coupon is probably the most random thing I have in there, so I whipped it out when it was my turn.   I would also maybe guess that not everyone travels with a set of 16 markers?  I use those in my planner for color-coding and on my desk calendar at work, so I never leave home without them!  Are there any super random things in your purse? 

Have a happy Wednesday! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Adventures in West Texas

This past weekend, our travels took us west to a tiny town where my dad and grandfather lease some land for hunting.  My grandparents also have a house there, and is is one of my favorite places to go.  I think I sleep better there than just about anywhere in the world!  It is so quiet and calm – quite the opposite of our big city Monday – Friday life in Dallas. 


On Saturday morning, we ventured out on a mule ride with my parents to see the lease, which is part of a ranch near town.  I had only been to the lease one or two other times, but I had never spent much time there or seen the parts of it that we toured this weekend.  The countryside there is so different than any place I’ve ever lived, but it has a unique kind of rough beauty to it.  It feels so far away from anything and everything that it is almost a little spooky being out there in the middle of it, but it is wonderful at the same time. 

IMG_2390  IMG_2389

There are cotton fields as far as the eye can see, and I learned that some of them have pretty purple blossoms.  Who knew?

I can’t figure out just how this works, but there were also some random fruits and veggies growing on the ranch.  It is so dry there, that I don’t see how this is possible, but discovering a tiny watermelon (I think?) and some squash was a fun surprise. 

IMG_2386  IMG_2420

IMG_2399  IMG_2402

There were friendly cows all over the place, and I really wanted to pet them, (especially the babies - they look so soft!) but I settled for just taking a whole lot of pictures of them. 





IMG_2416  IMG_2404

They lease the land for quail hunting, and apparently Dad heard lots of quail, which was great news since quail have become a little bit scarce in those parts the past few years.  At one point we stopped and were overlooking a little canyon and Dad spent some time calling quail, and we even got to see one!  It was pretty fun listening to their “conversation” and hearing the quail get closer and closer to us and eventually fly out of a mesquite tree right over our heads. 




On Sunday morning Austin and I got up bright and early for this week’s long run.  We enjoyed a beautiful sunrise and some amazing scenery that was the perfect distraction for our minds during our eight miler.  The weather there is also cooler in the mornings and much less humid, so that was an added bonus!

Getting away for the weekend was such a refreshing change of pace, and now we are rested and ready for another busy week in Dallas.