Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekend Visitors

We loved having my in-laws in town visiting us this weekend.  They came on a very appropriate weekend seeing as how our Sunday School lesson at church was about dealing with your in-laws!  Seriously – how funny is that?  Lucky for me, I love my in-laws and I’m so thankful for our relationship. 

They made an early morning drive to Dallas from Austin on Saturday, and we kicked off our Dallas day of fun with muffins and coffee at our apartment.  A trip to the Dallas Farmer’s Market followed – love that place, especially on the weekend.  We all stocked up on lots of fruits and veggies – red and green tomatoes, watermelon, squash, and several other summer favorites. 


IMG_2321  IMG_2322

IMG_2327  IMG_2326

Our next stop was the Dallas Museum of Art, which really is a great asset of our city – and free to visitors!  I’m not exactly what one would call “into” art, but I did enjoy ambling around in the AC and checking out all that the museum had to offer. 




We grabbed a quick lunch at Highland Park Soda Fountain after our museum stop, and then we popped into some of the cute shops on Knox.  I discovered a gem of a shop – Betty Lou Boutique, and I can’t wait to go back.  And what would a proper trip to Dallas be if it didn’t include North Park?  Austin and his Dad had to run an errand over near Fort Worth, so we killed a little time at the mall (with about a million other people). 

An executive decision was made that we needed to freshen up and rest before our dinner reservation at Royal China, so I took a delightful little nap on Saturday afternoon.  We reconvened for dinner and very much enjoyed our meal.  My in-laws are Chinese food connoisseurs, so we were hoping that Royal China would live up to its hype, and I think it definitely did!  We left absolutely stuffed, but not quite stuffed enough to skip out on dessert – pie at Emporium Pies in Bishop Arts.



The epic line out the front door proved to be well worth the wait.  Between the six of us there, I think we sampled just about every pie on the menu, and we loved every bite.  A few rounds of Catchphrase ensued when we rolled ourselves home – always a fun way to end a night!

Sunday morning we were thrilled to have everyone visit our Sunday School class with us and get to show them the new parts of our church that just recently opened (how many times am I going to blog about that fountain?  I just can’t stop taking pictures of it!). 



Sunday lunch was chicken pot pie, butter beans with my mom’s amazing tomato relish, and fruit salad (from Saturday’s trip to the Farmer’s Market!).  Yum.  Our visitors hit the road to head home after lunch, and I hit my napping spot for my second glorious nap of the weekend.  We can’t wait until next time!


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  1. My in laws were in town this past weekend too! Glad you had a great time :)