Saturday, July 13, 2013

Six on Saturday

I so badly wanted to join the fun of the popular 5 on Friday linkup that is going around blog-land yesterday, but it just wasn’t in the cards.  I’m a day late but thought I’d at least get up the post I had intended for yesterday with a little lagniappe since it’s the weekend.  Here are six things making me happy these days.   

1. Pretty rose that I spotted last weekend at Mom & Dad’s.


2. A precious tea toy (no idea what this is really called) and tea from Valencia Spain! 


3. Books from the library in Dallas and the library of Dad. 


4. My new Honey Bee Tee!  So comfy and cute – Mom, Mary Katherine, and I all got pocket tees.  It is my new Saturday uniform. 


5. The unintentional Junior League cookbook collection I have going on my kitchen counter.  Now I clearly need to add a Dallas edition to that stack. 


6. A little breakfast visitor.  This little guy visited us on our patio breakfasts in Charleston and looking at the picture and remembering our fun vacay makes me smile. 


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