Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quick Tuesday Catch Up

Well after almost a week of not blogging, despite my best intentions to blog over the weekend, here I am trying to remember everything that’s bee going on in the last few days.  Our weekend was so relaxing and much needed after a crazy week at work for both of us last week.  Judging from yesterday, I’m thankful this week is a short one because it promises to be equally stressful.  The light at the end of the short tunnel is that I get to see my family for the 4th and have a four day weekend! 

I’m in the mood for some bullet points, so that’s what’s happening today.

  • Having a Saturday with no where to go until dinner was absolute bliss this weekend.  I did venture out for a quick shopping trip, but I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed time at home or doing laundry as much in my life. 
  • I’ve been hunting for a maxi dress ever since our Charleston trip in early June, and I finally found one that I like on Saturday.  It debuted at dinner and now I want about five more.

photo (79)  photo (80)

  • We went to Lark on the Park for dinner with friends on Saturday – I was excited just because the name has something to do with birds!  We did a drive-by of the FBCD fountain on the way back to our apartment to show our friends Chris and Spenser.  That place never gets old!

photo (82)  photo (81)

  • Sunday our church had its patriotic service, and the music was so good!  I love patriotic services at church. 
  • One productive thing I did this weekend was [finally!] transfer all of the blogs I read to Feedly.  I tried Bloglovin’ at first but found that I prefer Feedly.  I used the transfer as an opportunity to pair down my blog list just a tad – it had gotten a little out of hand!  I’m still getting used to life with no Google Reader, but I think Feedly is a good substitute and I like it so far. 
  • Another “productive” thing I did from the couch on Saturday was organize my Pinterest boards.  How lame does that sound?  I had really broad categories with a ton of pins on each board, so I started the process of creating more boards with fewer pins.  I probably got way too excited about it! 
  • We started softball with our team from church on Friday night, and we won our game!  We had such a ball playing last year and are excited for round two.  We also played kickball with a team from Austin’s work on Thursday night last week, so we were feeling quite sporty.
  • One of our two goals for the year was to fun a half marathon.  We registered for the Tour des Fleurs in September here in Dallas!  It is not quite a half, but it is a 20K and the date worked really well for our schedule.  I’m just going to say that if we can run a 20K, the surely that practically counts as a half marathon since it’s only about a mile short.  Now that it is on the calendar, we have got to start actually running more than 3-4 miles at a time… time to research training plans! 

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