Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Favorite Place With My Favorite People

We just returned from a wonderful and much needed trip to east Texas to visit my family.  It was glorious to be at home with them for the long holiday weekend!  It had been far too long since we’d all been together at home, and I loved every second of it.  We ate what seemed like mountains of food, played games, sat on the porch, and Mom and I even got in a little card making time. 

We drove in on Thursday morning and arrived to everyone decked out in their red white and blue. 




We entertained ourselves with pictures in the front yard for a while as we patiently waited for the feast that was our lunch.  I managed to take a picture of the deviled eggs and some festive desserts, but everything else was devoured much too quickly.  We ate on the barbequed chicken, sausage, hot dogs, hamburgers, beans, and potato salad for days.  Gosh it was good!




Thursday night ended with what is probably my favorite card game ever – Shanghi.  We also managed to play Apples to Apples, Trivial Pursuit, and several other card games – oh and rousing games of badminton in the yard every night!  Due to Austin’s sloth like pace at Scrabble, Mom fell asleep waiting for him to play (literally), so we did not get very far into our attempted Scrabble game.


We spent lots of time on the back porch with this delightful view enjoying the peace and quiet that you can only really appreciate after living in Dallas for two years. I became mildly obsessed with the new blue ceilings of the porches…


We even broke out the julep cups for our iced tea during porch time one evening.  Austin and I are both now also obsessed with getting some of our own.   


IMG_2274  IMG_2268


The lemon tree in the backyard was bursting with lemons.  Despite their lime-like appearance now, they will turn into lemons eventually.  Aren’t they pretty?

IMG_2279  IMG_2281

Austin requested shrimp and grits for dinner one night while we were there.  Mom’s S&G is his absolute favorite – he wouldn’t even order it anywhere in Charleston because he loves hers so much.  She fixed it on Saturday night, and it was delicious as always. 


He rounded off supper that night with a peach ice cream cone.  Between Dad, Austin, and my sister’s boyfriend, Clark, there were QUITE a few cones consumed while we were there.  We had some ice cream lovers in the house.   


We went to church this morning and enjoyed our standard roast and rice and gravy for lunch before heading north to Dallas.  I already can’t wait to go back.  Being there is such a refreshing change of pace from our life in Dallas, and I love every moment that I get to spend with my family! 


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