Monday, July 22, 2013


We’re coming off the heels of a busy week and weekend but looking forward to the week ahead that promises to be a little bit more open. 

Last week we were excited to attend A&M Coach’s Night in Dallas put on by the Dallas A&M Club.  Austin has attended the past two years as well, but this year there was an extra seat at the table for me!  It was fun to run into some people that I hadn’t seen since college who are in the Dallas area.  Coach Gary Blair and Coach Sumlin both spoke at the event, and I have to say it got our house even more excited for football season, if that was possible for Austin.

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Our softball game was cancelled on Friday night due to rain, and I wasn’t terribly disappointed about it.  I had a provisional retreat for the Junior League all day Saturday, so having the extra down time on Friday night was a welcome treat!  The retreat was super fun and informative, and I’m really excited about some of the girls I got to meet as well as what is to come this year.  We played lots of “get to know you” games, and I am such a sucker for those, so I loved every minute of that.   

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We kept up with our first week of training, and my legs are SORE.  I can tell that we are going to have to be super diligent about stretching and maybe even icing our knees.  This week we are going to run 3 days instead of 4, so we’ll see if that helps.  I’ve really got to be intentional with my time in the evenings now for things like blogging because all this running in the morning doesn’t leave time for much else. 

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The week caught up with me on Sunday after church and I took a glorious nap and followed it up with a delightful cup of tea.  It was such a relaxing afternoon and just what I needed before the start of another week.  I checked Twitter like a madwoman all weekend just waiting and waiting (with the rest of the world, it seems) for the royal baby.  Then what do I see when I check Twitter this morning?  So excited! 

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Hurry up little royal baby! 

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