Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cards at Mom’s

One of my favorite parts of our recent visit to east Texas was an afternoon spent making cards with my Mom.  My love for this activity is well documented on this blog, and we were thrilled to squeeze in some card time last week.  Mom has so many fun stamps and papers and crafty gadgets that I don’t have (yet), so it was fun for me to play around with her supplies and for her to get to use some of mine.

IMG_2293  IMG_2294

IMG_2295   IMG_2296


red + pink cherry cards are summery and fun


We stocked up on some birthday cards to have on hand…


I think this last one is my very favorite of the day.  The stamp we used on that one is probably my all time fave stamp ever. 


Now we both have a little stockpile of cards to use over the next few months! 

Speaking of crafting, I am insanely jealous of my mom and my sister right now.  My sister just got her first job as a teacher, and she and my mom have been working on her classroom all week.  They are making the CUTEST bulletin boards and classroom decorations.  Why did I choose a career that has NO opportunity for crafts again?!

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