Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday

The stars have finally aligned and I’m actually getting this post up on Friday unlike the past two weeks.  I’m excited to be linking up at A. Liz Adventures today!  PTL it is Friday and the weekend is in sight.     


This crew is coming our way for the weekend (except for Courtney & Tyler – we’ll miss them!) and I can’t wait for them to get here!  We have a fun filled weekend planned here in the big D.  We’ll be stopping by the Farmer’s Market, possibly some kayaking at White Rock Lake, lunch at a fun spot, and dinner at a Dallas favorite for Chinese food that Austin has been dying to try.  My in-laws have quite a fondness for Asian food, so who better to take with us?! 


Prince George.  I’m still obsessed.  One of the highlights of my week was following along with all the media coverage of his birth.  It took me back to my days in law school following the royal wedding with my sweet friend Rebecca!  I just love the pageantry and the fanfare surrounding the royals.  (pic source)


I haven’t sat down for a thorough read of my new Southern Living yet, but I absolutely love everything about the 2013 idea house in Nashville.  If you follow me on Pinterest, get ready because I’m about to go on a tear pinning every room in this house!


I recently rediscovered the Dallas Public Library after too long of a hiatus.  The library and summer go hand in hand for me, and I have great memories of frequent library visits in the summers when I was little.  I’m currently reading The Fall of the House of Zeus by Curtis Wilkie.  It is the fascinating story of the infamous trial lawyer from Mississippi, Dickie Scruggs.


We have been dabbling in looking for a house to move into this fall when our lease is up at our current apartment.  Zillow and Trulia are our two new favorite apps.  This is both stressful and exciting!  I’m just praying that the timing works out and we are able to have a smooth transition and find a house that will be a good fit for us for the next few years.

Happy Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Your family picture is gorgeous. Love the colors and the tree too. And I just love the royal family. Such a sweet picture of the new parents and little Georgie!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend planned and how amazing is Kate? She is just so gorgeous and looks fabulous a darn mere 24 hours after giving birth! Glad to have found you on the link up! :)

  3. house hunting is so much fun...and so stressful!!!! Good luck :)
    (a little known tidbit I have yet to blog about...I applied to be on House Hunters!!!)

    Following from the linkup!