Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Charleston: The Fun!

Other than walking around Charleston, shopping, and drooling over all of the pretty houses/landscaping, we made time for two quick trips out of the city.  One was to visit Boone Hall Plantation, and the other was to do some kayaking.  We planned our visit to Boone Hall so that we would arrive right when it opened in hopes of beating the heat.  Well, that and making it back to Charleston for our 11:30 brunch reservation!  The plantation was so beautiful, and we loved touring it and learning all about how it is still actually a working plantation and all that goes on there. 


IMG_2073  IMG_2060

IMG_2109  IMG_2063




IMG_2104  IMG_2052




IMG_2108  IMG_2107

Gosh, it was just absolutely beautiful.  While we were there, I saw a bride getting a tour of the property for her reception – this would literally be the prettiest place EVER for a wedding reception! 

Later that same afternoon (after brunch!) we headed back out of the city to go on a three hour guided kayak tour.  Austin had a great time… and I wanted so badly to love it just as much as I loved kayaking in Oklahoma, but I just wasn’t quite feeling it.  The kayaks were bigger and bulkier and harder to control than the ones we rented in OK, and we were going straight into the wind, against the tide, and it was burning hot.  The newborn baby dolphin we saw almost made up for it though!  I cut my kayak ride a tiny bit short which allowed me to get a couple of pictures of Austin finishing up his ride. 


IMG_2128  IMG_2125

Ok, all of my “walking around pictures”-  aka window box and topiary pictures – will be consolidated into one final Charleston post.  There are so many, and I am not looking forward to narrowing them down at all! 

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