Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back from Chucktown & Back to Blogging

I am really killing it with the blog posts in June so far aren’t I?  We have been traveling up a storm so far this month with our Broken Bow trip and our Charleston getaway.  It is nice to be home and finally settling back into a normal routine!  Recovery mode from Charleston is in full force. My feet have blisters from breaking in my new Jack Rogers on the trip (dumbest idea ever), I am still totally and completely stuffed from all of the delicious food we ate, and I’m missing the afternoon naps I got to take on vacay! 


Oh, Charleston – where to even begin?  We had the BEST time and loved our trip to the Holy City.  I am no where near done going through all of my pictures, but here are a few teasers.  I think I might break Charleston up into two posts – one for the food we ate and one for the fun we had.  Oh, and maybe a post entirely devoted to the beyond amazing window boxes that were literally EVERYWHERE.  Charleston is just a magical place, and I’m so thrilled we got to get away and enjoy all that it has to offer. 



I have major work to do organizing all of the pictures I took on our trip, but will try to make some headway in that department and blog all about our fun time in the coming days.  I have also procrastinated making the switch from Google Reader, and now that I have mere days to do that, I need to jump on that task as well!  The back to reality to do list just keeps on growing! Winking smile

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