Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Austin Wedding Weekend

This past weekend we were in Austin for the wedding of our friends, Kyle and Kayla.  We left work early on Friday but got into some horrible traffic and were super late to the rehearsal dinner, but the rest of the weekend was wonderful!  The wedding weekend was in the Lakeway area of Austin, and we stayed at Lakeway Resort & Spa with our friends Billy and Carly.  Everything was beautiful, and it was fun to getaway and spend time with lots of Austin’s high school and college buddies. 

On our way to the resort from the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, we had to stop the car and watch some sweet little fawns and their mama for a while!  I was so obsessed and really wanted to bring one home with me.  There were deer everywhere in this neighborhood – seriously so many deer in one place!


Saturday I spent most of the day at the pool and ended up with what I’m going to call a good base tan for the summer… others might call it a sunburn, but it is turning quite nicely into a little bit of a tan. 



The ceremony was in a shady little spot near a golf course, and it was beautiful! 



And, the last picture I took at the wedding is of the cake – always the best part of a reception, right?!

We got to squeeze in brunch with Austin’s parents and sister before we left town on Sunday at an Austin classic – Kerbey Lane.  I was happy happy happy to get some pancakes on Sunday morning before our trip back, and we loved getting to spend some time with them and celebrate a belated Father’s Day with Buddy!


We went in search of Coke Icees in Waco on our way back, but finally settled for Dr. Pepper – a close second.  We were in Waco after all, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that we were able to find DP and not Coke!  I adore Icees and it had been ages since I’d had one.  Perf end to a fun weekend!

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