Thursday, May 30, 2013

Letting Go

We’re so close to the end of this May challenge!  Today’s topic is to react to the phrase “letting go.”  I’m going to take some creative liberty with this one and keep it light-hearted.

Letting go… of my iPhone

This weekend in Broken Bow, my goal is to let go.

My precious little thumbs, they’ll soon become quite numb.

I use my phone too much, it is almost like a crutch.

Social media can be so addicting, perhaps I should do more listening?

I’ll focus more on winning board games than on picking Instagram frames.

We’re headed out of town, I’ve got to put the phone down! 

How about those poetry skills, y’all?  Haha!  I’m so thrilled that tomorrow is Friday.  The short week has had me mixing up all of my days, but tomorrow is the end of the week and the day our fun weekend begins!  Hopefully the blog will survive the weekend with no posting, because I’m pretty sure after my LAST post in the month of May tomorrow, I won’t be back until Monday.  This poor little blog probably needs a weekend to rest after such an action-packed month.      

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