Monday, May 13, 2013

I’m Sorry…

… I’m sorry that it is 10:42p.m., and I am just getting a blog post up because I fell asleep on the couch several hours ago (as I do many nights). Speaking of that, I’m sorry to Austin for alllll the nights that I fall asleep mid-sentence or mid-TV show and sprawl out on the couch with my mouth gaping open!  The picture of beauty, for sure.  Austin has captured this gloriousness on camera, I assume for blackmail purposes if I make him really mad one day, but I am far too vain to voluntarily put a picture of myself in that state on my blog for the world to see.   

Today is day 13 of the blog every day in May challenge I’m doing, and today’s assignment is to issue a public apology.  The above paragraph might be about all I’ve got, but I couldn’t let the day completely pass me by without posting.  I am too much of a perfectionist to fail at this challenge.  To be honest, I couldn’t really come up with one main apology I wanted to center an entire post around, and maybe that is why this post slid to the bottom of today’s to do list. 

My hope for tomorrow is to get back to posting in the morning hours.  I feel like I make a whole lot more sense when I write my posts then versus this late night business.  For now I’m headed to bed with the satisfaction that I did not skip a day in my challenge and thankful that tomorrow is a new day - good night!

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