Sunday, May 26, 2013

Courtney & Tyler are Married!

To make up for my lack of pictures in my last few posts, here are a ton of pictures from the festivities last weekend in Austin celebrating Courtney & Tyler!

Courtney’s cousin and aunt – Nina and Angie – hosted a beautiful brunch on Friday.  The food was amazing – so many delicious salads!  I wish they could stock my fridge with everything we ate that morning. 

IMG_1830  IMG_1851

IMG_1841  IMG_1844

IMG_1839  IMG_1842

The rehearsal dinner was at County Line in Austin, and I had to have a brief moment of silence for Melanie when I walked out onto the patio and saw the hundreds of turtles everywhere!  Mel would have died.  My sister’s twitter handle is @turtlelover247 if that gives you a tiny hint about her turtle obsession. 

IMG_1856  IMG_1857

On Saturday morning we all got manicures and had a relaxing morning and afternoon of hair and makeup.  Austin and I snuck in a quick run and almost melted in the hot Austin sun!  Before we knew it, it was time to head to the church.



Once we were in the bride’s room, we all got dressed and had a few photo moments in there while we waited for wedding time!  I also roamed around the church a little bit and found two handsome ushers (Austin and his cousin). 

IMG_1860  IMG_1875

IMG_1868  IMG_1867

IMG_1869  IMG_1872



IMG_1888  IMG_1893

IMG_1890  IMG_1891


IMG_1896  IMG_1880

The ceremony was beautiful, then we were off to the reception for seriously delicious cake and lots of fun dancing!  I have been to a lot of weddings, especially in the past two years, and this cake was UP THERE.  Yum.  Maybe the sugar high from the cake helped me stay awake some of the way back to Dallas that night.  Yes, Austin and I drove back after the reception.  Exhausted would be an understatement, but we had an important commitment at church the next day.  It was such a great weekend with family celebrating two wonderful people.  


We especially loved getting to see these precious Florida grandparents!  Fun fact, we got engaged visiting them at the beach almost exactly 3 years ago. 

Congratulations Courtney & Tyler! 

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