Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Story & Some Favorites

Well, it happened.  I missed day 18 yesterday.  I think being a bridesmaid in a sister-in-law’s wedding qualifies as an ok excuse, and I’m just going to double up today and hop back on this blogging train. 

Yesterday’s topic was to write about a story from your childhood.  Some of my favorite memories from childhood seem to center around days spent outside playing.  How I miss the days when I didn’t have to think about whether or not it was really worth it to get sweaty because I didn’t have to think about blow drying my hair or the amount of time it would take me to get ready for work the next day. 


One story in particular that sticks out took place on a hot summer day in north Louisiana.  I think it was a Sunday, or it might have been Saturday.  Definitely a weekend.  I think it was before my youngest sister was born (sorry MK!), so it was just me and Melanie, and we went to Kellys with my parents.  Growing up, my Dad and Pawpaw kept their hunting dogs out on some land just outside of town.  Dad went to Kellys almost every day that I can remember, and Pawpaw still does.  Us girls did not go all that often, but occasionally we would tag along for the daily trip to feed the dogs.  One of the best things about going to Kellys was that there was usually a cold Coke involved.  Dad and Pawpaw kept a fridge full down there, and getting to have a Coke was a special treat.  Funny how I still view Cokes as a special treat even today – and I still love them.

On this Saturday or Sunday at Kellys I think we might have gotten to go on a 4-wheeler ride with Dad – another special treat.  We would go all through the woods on the back of the 4-wheeler, and at the time that just seemed like the biggest adventure.  After the dogs were fed and the 4-wheeler was put away on this particular day, we ended up in the back of a truck eating watermelon.  Now, I don’t remember if we brought the watermelon with us from home or if it was one that Pawpaw had grown in his garden down there, but I remember eating the entire thing between the four of us.  Mel and I were hot, sticky messes, and we couldn’t get over how amazing it was that we had just had watermelon and Coke for supper!  Now that I think about it, this must have happened on a Sunday.  There are few things Mom hates in life as much as fixing supper on Sunday nights.   

It’s a simple story, and there’s not much to it, but it is a vivid memory that sticks out in my mind several years later. 

Now, moving on to today’s topic – 5 of my favorite blogs and what I love about them.  I always love reading other people’s blog favorites, and I’ve found some of my now-favorites that way. 

1. A Spoonful of Jenkins – Meagan and I are from the same small town in Louisiana, and her blog is a joy to read.  It is always uplifting and is a great source of inspiration.  I am excited to follow along on her journey as she and her husband move into their new home! 

2. Bower Power – This blog is hilarious, it has gorgeous pictures, and I love KB’s clean and classic decorating style.  This one has been on my must read list for several years now, and it just gets better and better.

3. Daily Garnish – Written by a fellow “Emily,” this blog makes me want to eat more vegetables.  Some of the recipes are a little outside my comfort zone, but everything I’ve tried has been wonderful.  I appreciate that this blog makes me think outside the box more when it comes to food!   

4. Eat, Live, Run – The combination of pictures that literally make me drool along with the fact that every recipe I have tried has been a smashing success makes ELR one of my favorite daily reads.  I feel like I really get a sense of who Jenna is through her blog, and her writing is very encouraging.  I especially love the posts she does that are written as a hypothetical coffee date with her readers. 

5. Spice & Sass – This blog reads like an article for Southern Living, and I love it.  Nothing grates on my nerves like people who try too hard to “be southern,” and there is not a drop of that here!  Authentic southern goodness is hard to come by these days, but this blog has it. 

What are some of your favorites?  Please share!  I love love love discovering new blogs. 

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