Friday, May 31, 2013

A Morning Ride

This is it – the very last of the May posts!  Happy May 31 everyone, and thank you for reading along with my little challenge.  Today I’m blogging about a vivid memory. 

Oddly enough, I was talking to my parents about this very memory last night.  This kind of stems from this post where I discussed five songs and memories associated with them.  One very vivid memory I have from my childhood is riding to school with my dad. 

It is just me and Dad in his truck, and we’re on the Louisiana Tech campus headed towards my school.  Who knows where Melanie is?  It is probably around 7:30 in the morning.  The truck is frigid, as always, and it smells like coffee and cold air.  Paul Harvey probably just finished telling us “the rest of the story.”  We are getting close to the school, driving past the Tech Natatorium.  The road has a big curve, and Dad comments how when Mom drives on this road, she just drives slap in the middle of the road like she owns it.  I think to myself, yes, that is a true statement.  She does tend to not really respect the curve in this particular spot.  Dad chuckles to himself and probably starts on a story about how Mom’s dad working at Tech when they were in college there meant she always got her way.  He loves to tell a story about Mom’s revenge on the girl who copied her puppet in education class, so that probably comes up around this point.  We stop at a crosswalk to let some people cross the road, then we pull around the front of the school, I get out of the truck, start to thaw out, and head to school for the day.     

Isn’t it strange how the most random memories stick with us? 

This May challenge has been so fun for me, and I am very glad I did it.  Lord knows what I am going to blog about now that I don’t have a prompt or designated topic for the day!  See y’all in June.

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  1. Well, I now have tears in my eyes and I need to get up in front of my students and explain why and try to teach! What a memory! Oh, it is so hard to realize that you are all grown up!!!!!!