Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Things on a Tuesday

Good evening, friends!  Today I had fun keeping a running list on hand of things that are making me happy right now. 

1. English muffins with honey and a leisurely morning at our table together.


2. The awesome spring weather Dallas is enjoying right now.

3. Coordinated lunches.


4. This scene from The Break Up that Austin randomly pulled up this morning while we were getting ready.

5. Planning for our upcoming trips in June.  One to Oklahoma with some friends and one to Charleston!!

6. Fun stickers in my planner.


7. Only two more days of work for me this week! 

8. Fun pants and flats (PTL) at work today.


9. Iced coffee on a sunny afternoon.


10. The best end to any meal – dark chocolate covered espresso beans from TJ’s.


And I just realized 3/10 of these involve coffee in some form.  Oh well, at least I’m consistent in the things I love!  Happy Tuesday.

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