Friday, May 31, 2013

A Morning Ride

This is it – the very last of the May posts!  Happy May 31 everyone, and thank you for reading along with my little challenge.  Today I’m blogging about a vivid memory. 

Oddly enough, I was talking to my parents about this very memory last night.  This kind of stems from this post where I discussed five songs and memories associated with them.  One very vivid memory I have from my childhood is riding to school with my dad. 

It is just me and Dad in his truck, and we’re on the Louisiana Tech campus headed towards my school.  Who knows where Melanie is?  It is probably around 7:30 in the morning.  The truck is frigid, as always, and it smells like coffee and cold air.  Paul Harvey probably just finished telling us “the rest of the story.”  We are getting close to the school, driving past the Tech Natatorium.  The road has a big curve, and Dad comments how when Mom drives on this road, she just drives slap in the middle of the road like she owns it.  I think to myself, yes, that is a true statement.  She does tend to not really respect the curve in this particular spot.  Dad chuckles to himself and probably starts on a story about how Mom’s dad working at Tech when they were in college there meant she always got her way.  He loves to tell a story about Mom’s revenge on the girl who copied her puppet in education class, so that probably comes up around this point.  We stop at a crosswalk to let some people cross the road, then we pull around the front of the school, I get out of the truck, start to thaw out, and head to school for the day.     

Isn’t it strange how the most random memories stick with us? 

This May challenge has been so fun for me, and I am very glad I did it.  Lord knows what I am going to blog about now that I don’t have a prompt or designated topic for the day!  See y’all in June.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Letting Go

We’re so close to the end of this May challenge!  Today’s topic is to react to the phrase “letting go.”  I’m going to take some creative liberty with this one and keep it light-hearted.

Letting go… of my iPhone

This weekend in Broken Bow, my goal is to let go.

My precious little thumbs, they’ll soon become quite numb.

I use my phone too much, it is almost like a crutch.

Social media can be so addicting, perhaps I should do more listening?

I’ll focus more on winning board games than on picking Instagram frames.

We’re headed out of town, I’ve got to put the phone down! 

How about those poetry skills, y’all?  Haha!  I’m so thrilled that tomorrow is Friday.  The short week has had me mixing up all of my days, but tomorrow is the end of the week and the day our fun weekend begins!  Hopefully the blog will survive the weekend with no posting, because I’m pretty sure after my LAST post in the month of May tomorrow, I won’t be back until Monday.  This poor little blog probably needs a weekend to rest after such an action-packed month.      

photo source

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Day Late & A Dollar Short

Here’s one more combo post for you –> Day 28 + Day 29

Day 28 = just pictures {pics from Maine almost exactly 2 years ago}



DSCN1246 DSCN1266




DSCN1277  DSCN1276

Day 29 = 5 songs that bring back memories

1. Blake Shelton – Honey Bee – this song will always remind me of the summer we moved to Dallas and studying for the Bar Exam.  I think I heard it on the radio every single day driving from bar review class to the library.  I do still love this song though!

2. Barbara Mandrell + George Jones – I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool – this song reminds me of all the mornings riding to school with my Dad when I was little.  We always listened to the local country station, and he loves this song.  Also, we managed to catch Paul Harvey just about every morning, and hearing anything Paul Harvey always takes me back to those truck rides as well. 


3.  Josh Abbot Band – She’s Like Texas – Austin and I pretend that this was our first dance song at our wedding.  It really should have been!  This song reminds me of all the traveling we did to attend the weddings of our friends in 2011 and 2012 because we always listen to it at least once on our road trips.

4. Ronnie Milsap – Pure Love – My parents, especially my mom, love them some Ronnie.  We sang a long with many Ronnie Milsap songs in the car growing up.  I love Ronnie as well, and the Ronnie Milsap station on my Pandora app is one of my very favorites. 

5. Pat Green – Wave on Wave – this song will always remind me of my late high school/early college years in Texas.  In high school I went to a Pat Green concert and thought I was just so cool.  Pat Green and really all Texas country songs all remind me of my time in Aggieland, too! 

Hurray for a short week!  I’m loving that today is already Wednesday.  We are finalizing plans for our upcoming Charleston trip and getting ready for a fun getaway with friends to Oklahoma soon as well.  Can’t wait for all the travels coming up in the next few weeks! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Thank You

First of all, thank you to all of the brave men and women who have served our country and given us the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans!

photo (77)

As you can see, Austin got a little patriotic with my herbs this morning…

Second of all, thank YOU for reading my blog.  I have no idea who is out there reading, but if you are, then thank you for taking time from your day to read my ramblings.  Today’s topic in my May challenge is to write a letter to the readers of this blog, and all I really can think to tell y’all is that I do appreciate you reading.  I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and enjoy a short week! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Courtney & Tyler are Married!

To make up for my lack of pictures in my last few posts, here are a ton of pictures from the festivities last weekend in Austin celebrating Courtney & Tyler!

Courtney’s cousin and aunt – Nina and Angie – hosted a beautiful brunch on Friday.  The food was amazing – so many delicious salads!  I wish they could stock my fridge with everything we ate that morning. 

IMG_1830  IMG_1851

IMG_1841  IMG_1844

IMG_1839  IMG_1842

The rehearsal dinner was at County Line in Austin, and I had to have a brief moment of silence for Melanie when I walked out onto the patio and saw the hundreds of turtles everywhere!  Mel would have died.  My sister’s twitter handle is @turtlelover247 if that gives you a tiny hint about her turtle obsession. 

IMG_1856  IMG_1857

On Saturday morning we all got manicures and had a relaxing morning and afternoon of hair and makeup.  Austin and I snuck in a quick run and almost melted in the hot Austin sun!  Before we knew it, it was time to head to the church.



Once we were in the bride’s room, we all got dressed and had a few photo moments in there while we waited for wedding time!  I also roamed around the church a little bit and found two handsome ushers (Austin and his cousin). 

IMG_1860  IMG_1875

IMG_1868  IMG_1867

IMG_1869  IMG_1872



IMG_1888  IMG_1893

IMG_1890  IMG_1891


IMG_1896  IMG_1880

The ceremony was beautiful, then we were off to the reception for seriously delicious cake and lots of fun dancing!  I have been to a lot of weddings, especially in the past two years, and this cake was UP THERE.  Yum.  Maybe the sugar high from the cake helped me stay awake some of the way back to Dallas that night.  Yes, Austin and I drove back after the reception.  Exhausted would be an understatement, but we had an important commitment at church the next day.  It was such a great weekend with family celebrating two wonderful people.  


We especially loved getting to see these precious Florida grandparents!  Fun fact, we got engaged visiting them at the beach almost exactly 3 years ago. 

Congratulations Courtney & Tyler! 

Something I Read

A very timely article from the pastor of our church on why God allows suffering in the world: Why does God allow tornadoes, tragedy, and suffering? 

This is and will always be a hard concept to grasp from our earthly perspective! 

Totally off topic, but GOSH 3 day weekends are the best.  Sunday nights are so much better when you don’t have to go to work the next morning and instead you get to look forward to things like going for a run and brunching.  Thanks to my 2 hour+ nap this afternoon, it is after 9pm and I am still raring to go.  We just finished watching North America on the Discovery Channel – new favorite show!  Now I’m going to get this post up and start uploading pictures from the wedding last weekend.  Happy Sunday night y’all!  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Someone Once Told Me…

A professor at my law school once told me that I “present well.”  For some reason that has stuck with me for the past few years, and I remember our conversation often.  Her comment has probably given me more confidence than she ever could have known it would in many situations I have encountered since then.  When trying to think of something applicable for the prompt today, this was what my mind kept coming back to for some reason, so I’m just going to go with it!  It’s simple, and there’s not much of a “story” to it, but it was my first thought.   

Day 25 in the books!  This blog every day thing has been QUITE a challenge – only six more days though!  I was going over some goals earlier this week, and I wrote down that I would like to commit to blogging 3-4 times a week on a regular basis once June comes and this challenge is over.  I have loved doing it and I’m so thankful that Jenni dreamed up such a fun month’s worth of posts for all of us participating. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Three Worst Traits

1. I am far too concerned with what other people think of me.  Sometimes, I think too much before I speak.  Often times I get myself worked up in my head over nothing.  I over-think small talk and then it just stresses me out.  Probably a reason why I hate “networking events.”

2.  I grind my teeth at night.  Poor Austin!  Nothing good comes of this – it wakes Austin up, it gives me headaches, and I’m pretty sure it isn’t good for my teeth.   

3. I’m a pretty critical person.  I don’t give people much room for error, and I’m usually too quick to judge. 

Ok, I can’t say that was the most fun of these blog every day in May posts, but it’s done.  Due to this challenge, I feel like the blog has been lacking any updates of what’s been going on with us.  On this glorious three day weekend I’m hoping to get a post up with pictures from Courtney’s wedding last weekend and other happenings in our life!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things I Didn’t Learn in School–Day 23

It’s ok to grow out of friendships that aren’t healthy for you.

Patience is a virtue.  Actually my 6th grade teacher used to say this all the time, so maybe I did learn it in school.  Regardless, I learned how true this is outside of the classroom.

Husbands have SO. MANY. DANG. THINGS. TO. IRON.  Seriously. 

Rest is important.  I need down time on a regular basis to be able to function.

Wearing heels every day is not that great for your feet.  Ouch.

Grandparents and great-grandparents are wonderful blessings!

Each stage of life is vital and important for God’s plan for all of us.  Don’t wish one stage away or be in too much of a hurry to get to the next one!

Sisters that are as funny as mine and armed with iPhones (hello group text) are the best source of constant laughter. 


Mom and Dad are [still] usually always right.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 22: A Rant

Nothing gets me going quite like grammatical mistakes by people that I know have at least been through the third grade.  For the record, I am positive that I have made typos and broken grammar rules on this blog.  HOWEVER, there are some basic rules that no one, at least no one on my Facebook news feed, seems to know.  The fact that some of the worst offenders I run into (mainly on Facebook – maybe I should just not get on Facebook?) are elementary school teachers.  Scary stuff!

I mean really, what more can I say?  I am the grammar police.  Incorrect your/you’re and apostrophes are the two winners that have the elite classification of being able to cause smoke to come out of my ears. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Five Flashback Favorites

My top 5 favorite posts from my blog:

1. My one and only vlog

2. My Chick-fil-a post

3. Zoo day with the in-laws

4. Hi Y’all

5. Loving Sissy’s

Today, I have to say, I have been more focused on celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary than a blog post.  So thankful to be married to this one!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Let’s Get Real

Day 20 – here we go!  Today we’re challenged to write about something that we struggle with.  I don’t like to get too negative on the blog, and that coupled with the fact that it is 9:30 p.m. makes for a short-ish version of this topic.  Here are some bulleted struggles for your reading pleasure…

I struggle with:

  • wasting too much time on my phone


  • comparison
  • eating too much sugar
  • not drinking as much water as I probably should
  • not eating as many veggies as I probably should
  • spending time in constant prayer throughout the day


  • networking (to say that I don’t love it would be an understatement)
  • contentment
  • living in the moment
  • focusing too much on materialistic things


  • making time to read or to just sit still and be quiet
  • ironing
  • overanalyzing