Thursday, April 11, 2013

Things on my “To Cook” List

There is something about having my fridge and pantry stocked that makes me feel so centered and on top of things.  This week work has just been crazy – so much for that regular blogging I mentioned in my last post… 4 days ago…  I have been putting off a grocery trip since Monday, and it is not going to happen until tomorrow.  Thank goodness for a relatively free weekend that is so so close!  I have got to get some cooking done so that meals are one less dilemma for us next week. 

This past Sunday, I actually did make a big pot of these crockpot oats, and they have lasted us all week and been so good to have on these chilly mornings we’re having.  I probably won’t do this again until the fall, but I’m definitely hanging onto the recipe.  My spring and summer breakfast staple is Greek yogurt, granola, and berries, and I don’t tend to stray too far from that until fall.

At the top of my list for this weekend is this simple recipe from Eat Live Run that I haven’t been able to get out of my head since spotting it on her blog earlier this week.  Side note: if you have never read Jenna’s blog before, you should.  All of her recipes are positively drool-worthy, and the ones I have tried have always turned out so good.  I think our Saturday night will consist of this and finally finishing last Sunday’s Mad Men premiere. 

Last week, I made a big batch of this yummy salad on Monday, and we had it for lunches all week.  It was so handy to have something delicious and packed full of vegetables to throw in a tupperware and take to work each day.  This recipe is so easy, and I will definitely rotate it in all spring and summer. 

This Martha recipe from Pinterest (where else?) is also happening in the near future.  Maybe not too close to the rice & beans above, but I do love me some rice and beans… must be those Louisiana roots. 

And finally, dessert… my mom tried this recipe for the first time recently, and ever since talking to her about it on the phone yesterday I haven’t been able to stop dreaming about it.  I made it last year for Easter lunch, and I’m thinking it is time I make it again.  So delightful!


Happy Thursday & happy cooking!

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