Tuesday, March 12, 2013


We had such a great weekend packed with so many fun activities!  Friday night we had an “Ultimate Date Nite” at our church for the young marrieds department with a DJ, tons of good food, and a dance-off.  Austin just narrowly lost the dance off, and I’m still just a little bitter about the fact that he stayed in longer than I did.


I didn’t take too many pictures Friday night because we were too busy dancing and fellowshipping…and it was pretty dark in there!  We love our Sunday school class so much, and it was also fun to get to see other church friends from different classes since we were all in one place on Friday.  The committee for this event did such a great job!


Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head to Livingston to my parents’ house!  I had not been there since Christmas- way too long for my liking.  We stopped at the golden arches for oatmeal, which has become somewhat of a road trip tradition for us.


We also worked on our 30 days devotional and had some great early morning conversation.


We made great time and were so happy to be in Livingston for our visit.  Melanie and her boyfriend, Clark, got there shortly after we did, and it was just so fun having everyone all together.  Dad grilled burgers for lunch (the best!) and Mom fixed potato salad and baked beans… and pimento cheese for the burgers – so good!  We also had my favorite birthday dessert, lemon icebox pie.  I loved every bite and was SO FULL the rest of the day. 


After our delicious lunch, my and my sisters- and the boys- got ready to head to Houston for the rodeo!  We were in two vehicles, a little unsure about the parking situation, and none of us live in Houston, so getting there was an adventure, but we managed to make it!


Guess who kept score during all the rodeo events?  Only Austin…



We were there for The Band Perry concert, which was great, but I mainly just loved getting to do something with both sisters since we all live in different cities and rarely get to do things like this. 


It was quite windy down in Houston that night.  After the concert, we satisfied Mary Katherine’s roasted corn craving and Clark’s need for a turkey leg then headed back to Livingston for the night. 

The next morning we celebrated my birthday, but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post! 

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