Saturday, March 16, 2013

The End of Birthday Week

Thursday was such a fun day!  I think the best part was feeling so loved by all of my family and friends.  For as much as a time-suck as Facebook generally is, I do love it on birthdays.  Anyone who has read the blog before probably knows that I love me some cards, so getting cute cards in the mail is another birthday perk that I have enjoyed this week. 

Clearly, my friends and family know me well and know what I like!  I got three of this precious card for my birthday.  Haha! 

photo (49)

I definitely ate like a queen all day – Austin made me a delicious breakfast at home (and I got to use my new cute birthday glasses!), my BFF Katey took me to lunch at a precious little café and we had some tasty chicken salad, and we went to one of my faves – Cane Rosso – for supper.  I was very full at the end of the day!

photo (50)

I adore this caprese salad.  I definitely picked our dinner restaurant because of this plate right here.  So tasty. 

photo (51)

Let’s see… two more fun birthday tidbits I found documented on my phone are my birthday mani with my new polish and the leather tassels on my birthday bag from Austin.  Obsessed!

photo (53)

photo (55)

I am thankful for another year of life and can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

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