Monday, February 25, 2013

The Weekend’s End

Oh Sunday night, how I loathe the.  I did not want to turn off the Oscars last night and go to bed because that meant that Monday morning really was happening.  Despite my best attempts at not going to bed last night, somehow five a.m. still rolled around this morning, and here I am at the start of another week.  I think I’ll put off getting ready this morning and prolong the weekend this morning by blogging about it.

Friday night was pretty quiet – nothing much to report.  For about an hour after we both got home we debated going somewhere for dinner or to a movie or just getting out of the house, but we couldn’t really make up our minds, so we stayed parked on the couch.  I feel like I am always so torn on Fridays – stay home and fall asleep early {wins 99% of the time in my book} or go do something fun because we can since it’s the weekend.  My {most-energetic-person-you-will-ever-meet} husband is usually in favor of going and doing something, so we’ve got to work on finding a happy medium on our Fridays. 


One thing I did on Saturday will hopefully help with our Friday night dilemma in the future.  Last week at our Valentine’s Party we got a fun favor jar with cute little popsicle sticks for date night ideas.  Saturday morning, I finally wrote some ideas on those little sticks, so next time we’re struggling with coming up with something to do, we can just pull out one of these little guys!   

Other Saturday fun involved a trip to Old Navy where I found some cute springish things to add to my closet and a trip to Trader Joe’s with Austin to show him how glorious that place is. 


Maybe blue and green are my favorite colors?  Thanks to some pretty weather on Sunday afternoon, I tried out the fun navy pants for Discipleship University at church.  Obsessed!  Since I LOATHE jeans, I am always happen to find a cute alternative.  

photo (45)

photo (46)

Speaking of church, our new campus is almost complete, and on our way to church on Sunday we saw these letters had gone up on the side of the building!  Easter Sunday is getting so close!

photo (47)

And speaking of Easter brings me to this little guy.  I was flipping through the Pottery Barn catalog in bed on Saturday night and squealed so loud when I saw him!  Never mind that I have a very similar bunny like this already, can one really have too many moss bunnies?!

photo (48)

Also in the category of “pictures that make me squeal,”  I mentioned that my Mom is doing lots of party prep for some upcoming baby showers she is helping host.  My sister has been texting me pictures of all the cute things she is making.  Look how precious:



One shower has a bee theme (obviously!) and I am completely smitten over this bee hive she made!  The other shower happened last weekend, and the baby’s room has a jungle animals theme, so she made this adorable little guy for him.  My future babies are so lucky!


Ok, now Monday morning really is here and I have to rush to get ready!  Hope y’all have a great day. 

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