Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My First Trader Joe’s Trip

In a word, obsessed!  I have been reading about Trader Joe’s on blogs for years, and despite my excitement of hearing about a Plano location opening back in the fall, I just now got around to making a trip.  That store is awesome. 


Here is some of my loot.  So, first of all, they just have cool stuff in cool packaging that makes me want to buy everything in sight.  Second of all, it is cheap.  The store was pretty crowded when I was there, but I am dying to go back and spend more time wandering the aisles. 

I busted into that eggplant hummus when I got home, and I don’t think I can ever eat any other hummus again.  So stinking good!  Also, do you see those teeny tiny potatoes and apples?!  I die over them. 


I have never bought Mascarpone before, but I couldn’t resist it today.  There is a little café in New York that has one of my favorite breakfasts I have ever tried: multigrain toast, mascarpone, and strawberry preserves.  Sounds simple, but gosh, it is so good.  I’m planning to recreate for breakfasts this week. 

However, here is what I am THE MOST excited about of all my purchases.


Ta-da!!  I have already tried a handful a few, and I think these are my new love language. 

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