Monday, February 25, 2013

The Weekend’s End

Oh Sunday night, how I loathe the.  I did not want to turn off the Oscars last night and go to bed because that meant that Monday morning really was happening.  Despite my best attempts at not going to bed last night, somehow five a.m. still rolled around this morning, and here I am at the start of another week.  I think I’ll put off getting ready this morning and prolong the weekend this morning by blogging about it.

Friday night was pretty quiet – nothing much to report.  For about an hour after we both got home we debated going somewhere for dinner or to a movie or just getting out of the house, but we couldn’t really make up our minds, so we stayed parked on the couch.  I feel like I am always so torn on Fridays – stay home and fall asleep early {wins 99% of the time in my book} or go do something fun because we can since it’s the weekend.  My {most-energetic-person-you-will-ever-meet} husband is usually in favor of going and doing something, so we’ve got to work on finding a happy medium on our Fridays. 


One thing I did on Saturday will hopefully help with our Friday night dilemma in the future.  Last week at our Valentine’s Party we got a fun favor jar with cute little popsicle sticks for date night ideas.  Saturday morning, I finally wrote some ideas on those little sticks, so next time we’re struggling with coming up with something to do, we can just pull out one of these little guys!   

Other Saturday fun involved a trip to Old Navy where I found some cute springish things to add to my closet and a trip to Trader Joe’s with Austin to show him how glorious that place is. 


Maybe blue and green are my favorite colors?  Thanks to some pretty weather on Sunday afternoon, I tried out the fun navy pants for Discipleship University at church.  Obsessed!  Since I LOATHE jeans, I am always happen to find a cute alternative.  

photo (45)

photo (46)

Speaking of church, our new campus is almost complete, and on our way to church on Sunday we saw these letters had gone up on the side of the building!  Easter Sunday is getting so close!

photo (47)

And speaking of Easter brings me to this little guy.  I was flipping through the Pottery Barn catalog in bed on Saturday night and squealed so loud when I saw him!  Never mind that I have a very similar bunny like this already, can one really have too many moss bunnies?!

photo (48)

Also in the category of “pictures that make me squeal,”  I mentioned that my Mom is doing lots of party prep for some upcoming baby showers she is helping host.  My sister has been texting me pictures of all the cute things she is making.  Look how precious:



One shower has a bee theme (obviously!) and I am completely smitten over this bee hive she made!  The other shower happened last weekend, and the baby’s room has a jungle animals theme, so she made this adorable little guy for him.  My future babies are so lucky!


Ok, now Monday morning really is here and I have to rush to get ready!  Hope y’all have a great day. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

End of the Week Bullets

  • Easter is so early this year, and I have GOT to go shopping for a dress.  This is obviously an epic first world problem, but it’s on my mind.  Getting a new dress for Easter Sunday is one of my favorite springtime rituals.  I have an unnatural fear of someone else showing up at church with my same dress (because that’s what Easter is about, Emily) so I’m kind of obsessed with finding a dress that I don’t think anyone else will have.  Perhaps my priorities could use a little shifting…
  • Have I mentioned that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to keep my nails painted?  Probably so… I’m pretty happy with myself that I’ve managed to basically stick to my goal almost two full months into the year.  The downside to this goal is that I constantly want new nail polish.. and at $8 a pop, those cute little bottles of Essie can start to add up.  Clearly I am going to NEED some new colors for spring… 
  • Austin’s Valentine poem in my card still makes me laugh just thinking about it.  The fact that the nasty cats that live near our garage got a shout out is hilarious and disgusting at the same time.  If I didn’t think he’d divorce me for doing so, I’d snap a picture of the poem and post it on here.  Probably best that I don’t for the sake of my marriage.   
  • Ohhhh let’s get back to the subject of these cats.  Let me preface this by saying that I hate cats.  Sorry I’m not sorry.  Cats are sneaky and gross and nothing will ever change my mind on that.  The lady in our building who is literally building a cat sanctuary in her stairwell clearly feels differently about cats than I do, and I’m debating a call to animal control.  Actually, I called over the weekend, but of course they were closed for 4 days for President’s Day.  Of course.
  • One last bit about the cats.  They love my car.  Literally they are under/on top of it every morning when I walk out to the garage.  My solution?  Set off my car alarm before unlocking my car and watch them scatter.  I wish I was kidding. 
  • I stayed up the other night organizing my Pinterest boards and probably got unnaturally excited about doing so.  How is it that one little act of organizing can have such a giant impact on my mood? 
  • My mom is planning two really cute showers right now that will be happening in March.  Sometimes I really wish we lived closer so I could help with the planning and decorating instead of just chatting about it on the phone!  I have already instructed her to take pictures for the blog.  #bloggablemoment

Well, that was a whole lot of random and way more than I ever thought I would write about cats on my blog! Hope y’all have a great end to your week.  I’ll try to come up with something a little more entertaining and pretty to blog about over the weekend.  XOXO

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Catching Up + Party Pics

Well hello there!  After an unplanned little break due to being sick as a dog this weekend/earlier this week, I’m back to share a little bit about our fun Valentine’s Party this weekend. 

I’ve said it so many times, but we are so very blessed by our church family, and we’re so thankful that we found First Baptist Dallas.  Our Sunday School class celebrated Valentine’s Day on Saturday night with a party at our teachers’ house.  I made some tiny heart cookies inspired by some I saw on Pinterest



IMG_1534  IMG_1533

We had TONS of good appetizers and desserts, just like any good Southern Baptist get-together should.  And, the decorations that Brooke and I made last weekend turned out pretty cute.   



For most of the party, the guys were playing ping pong and pinball and the girls were snacking and visiting.  We did all come back together to play the newlywed game.  The competitor in me was furious that Austin and I did SO BAD in the game, but it was a fun time… if you can call losing “fun.”  The winners, Dave & Tiffany, got to take home the love fern as a prize!  And everyone got to take home a cute little favor jar for date night ideas.  These were Brooke’s idea – I take no credit!





Other than the party this past weekend, I have been doing a whole lot of nothing trying to get over this annoying sickness.  I think I am finally on the mend thanks to some good advice from my nurse BFF Katey. 

Hope you are all having a fabulous week.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines For and From my Loves

Despite my best efforts, I’m a day late and a dollar short with this post.  Yesterday was one of the longest days I’ve had in quite some time, so I just conceded that my Valentine’s Day post would have to be a smidge belated. 


My week has been filled with pretty cards, which is just how Valentine’s week should be in my book.  Mom’s February card was precious, as expected, and my always on-trend sister Mary Katherine’s card was cute, simple, and festive chevron.  It is also worth mentioning that I got a hilarious but un-pictured card from Austin last night.  There was a poem involved and I laughed so hard I got a little teary.  He’s a gem!  


Then, here are the cards I made my Mom and sisters.  Austin’s is not pictured because I haven’t made it yet.  #wifefail

photo (45)

photo (46)

And finally, I have to show these precious hearts that Brook and I made last weekend.  We are decorating with them at our Sunday School class Valentine’s party this weekend, and I can’t wait!  Aren’t they just too cute?

photo (44)

Hope your days yesterday were filled with pink, pretty paper, and LOVE!

Happy belated Valentine’s DayRed heart xoxo

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Craft Time

The only pictures I managed to take this weekend were a few snaps of our kitchen table during a craft session with our friends Brooke & Oscar.  They came over Sunday after church and we had so much fun getting some things ready for our Sunday school class Valentine’s party this coming weekend!


When I posted the below picture on Instagram this weekend, I just had to point out that yes, there is a love fern in the background up on our bar… one lucky couple is going to win that bad boy at our party.

photo (43)

When we weren’t crafting, we were at church for a large part of the weekend for various meetings, all of which were very productive.  There was lots of FBCD fellowshipping going on this weekend, that’s for sure. 


Saturday night I did attempt to make a roast in the pretty green dutch oven my parents gave me for Christmas.  It was not perfect, but it was my best attempt yet, and having those leftovers for the week has been nice so far. 

Austin is in the midst of his busy season at work, and even though I don’t really have a busy season, this week sure feels like one.  Our fun bloggable photo-ops are a little sparse this time of year, BUT this week is Valentine’s Day and I do have some cute cards to show y’all on Thursday!

Hope you are all having good weeks!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


{Things I’m Loving Thursday – aka recent pictures from Instagram!}

photo (42)

+bunny stamp+

do you just die over the cuteness?! 

photo (41)

+afternoon cups of this delightful stuff+

photo (40)

+first-week-of-February red fingernails+

photo (39)

+squeal-worthy gift tags courtesy of Ms. Stewart (I was parked!)+

photo (38)

+new gold watch that’s almost more like a bracelet+

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My First Trader Joe’s Trip

In a word, obsessed!  I have been reading about Trader Joe’s on blogs for years, and despite my excitement of hearing about a Plano location opening back in the fall, I just now got around to making a trip.  That store is awesome. 


Here is some of my loot.  So, first of all, they just have cool stuff in cool packaging that makes me want to buy everything in sight.  Second of all, it is cheap.  The store was pretty crowded when I was there, but I am dying to go back and spend more time wandering the aisles. 

I busted into that eggplant hummus when I got home, and I don’t think I can ever eat any other hummus again.  So stinking good!  Also, do you see those teeny tiny potatoes and apples?!  I die over them. 


I have never bought Mascarpone before, but I couldn’t resist it today.  There is a little café in New York that has one of my favorite breakfasts I have ever tried: multigrain toast, mascarpone, and strawberry preserves.  Sounds simple, but gosh, it is so good.  I’m planning to recreate for breakfasts this week. 

However, here is what I am THE MOST excited about of all my purchases.


Ta-da!!  I have already tried a handful a few, and I think these are my new love language. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Legally Blonde

This weekend we were in Austin to watch my sister-in-law, Casey, bring down the house as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, the musical.  It was amazing!  Casey is so talented, and we loved getting to see the show.  I’m a big fan of the movie, and the musical did not disappoint.  I have only been to one legit Broadway show in New York, but last night I felt like we might as well have been on Broadway with how good Casey and the rest of her case preformed. 

Unfortunately, I could not take a single picture in the theater once the show started, so I don’t have any pictures of how cute Casey looked in all of her costumes.  I do have this one of her after the show with flowers from her many admirers!


Austin and I were glad that our friends Billy and Carly came to the show as well, and since we got there super early to get the best seats in the house, we had some time to visit with them. 


Always good to see those two – I wish we could hang out more and that we lived closer!


I wore pink pants for the occasion, and I just happened to match the programs Smile