Friday, January 25, 2013

Some Friday Thoughts

Austin is out of town at his great-grandmother's funeral today, and while funerals are never 100% celebration, from what I can tell this will be one of those "good" funerals.  What I mean by "good funeral" is that she had a long and happy life, a long and happy marriage, and she was a believer.  Everyone can celebrate her life and not wonder whether she is watching from heaven. 

What an amazing gift to leave your loved ones - leaving them absolutely certain of your eternal home.  I never even met this woman, but from what Austin has told me, I will get to meet her in heaven. 

My side of the family also experienced a death this week, so obviously death, funerals, and eternity are on my mind a little more than any other ordinary week.

I suppose (know) that one's salvation is ultimately between the individual and God, but how generous and selfless to leave your loved ones with the peace that comes from knowing someone was a believer, seeing them live out their faith, and being as certain as one can be that they were walking with the Lord during their earthly life.

Just a few thoughts on my mind this Friday morning! 

Thank goodness it is Friday – while my weeks usually fly by, this one has dragged just a little bit.  I am looking forward to a fun weekend and getting to see lots of friends.  Hoping that a combination of a pink skirt, pink nails, a bow on my shirt, and lunch with a friend will make today fly! 

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  1. OOO MY DEAR, where did you get that shirt?! I die. It is gorgeous!