Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Day With Katy, Katey, & Katie

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My Saturday started off at the Katy Trail with my friend Cam for a quick run.  Cam and I met in Jackson, but she moved to Dallas shortly after I did.  We have both been here for a while, but somehow we had never ran together before.  Thanks to the suggestion of our precious friend, Rebecca, we finally got our acts together and went for a run together on Saturday.  Thank you, Rebecca, for giving us just the push we needed. Winking smile 


I had been looking forward to my Saturday lunch plans all week with these two!  Katey and Katie are two of my oldest and dearest friends from Ruston.  Katey lives in Dallas, and Katie lives close-by in Tyler.  I was thrilled that Katie came to Dallas for the day and we all got to have lunch together!  We missed Austin since he was still traveling back from Florida, but it was great to see these friends, as always. 

After lunch I stopped by a baby shower at church before heading to the airport to pick up Austin.  For purposes of this blog post, unfortunately the baby is not going to be named Katy/Katie/Katey… but how weird would that be?! 

Austin and I watched some Friday Night Lights after wasting about 30 minutes trying to decide on a movie to watch.  I thought it was so funny that we could not for the life of us agree on a movie because we had discussed that very same “marital issue” at lunch earlier that day.  Austin had no idea, since he wasn’t at lunch, but Katie and Katey’s husbands both apparently have the same frustrations!  I have just never been a real big movie person for some reason.  Two+ hours of watching something seems like kind of a big investment of time that I’m not always willing to give… Any other non-movie people out there? 

Hope y’all are enjoying your Sunday afternoon!

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