Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Goals

January is the ultimate clean slate. I love the beginning of a new year full of new possibilities. This year, Austin and I decided on two major goals for 2013, and we are also giving ourselves one smaller challenge per month.
Our two big goals are:
1. Be more old fashioned
2. Run a ½ marathon

“Be more old fashioned” might seem like kind of an odd resolution, but in my mind it is a great umbrella concept for what I want out of life this year and every year in the future.

Being old fashioned means simplifying and focusing on things that are truly important in life. It means spending quality time together in the evenings instead of watching mindless TV or spending hours glued to an iPad like we have gotten so accustomed to. Maybe even sitting down and having a cup of coffee and visiting with the TV off. Wow, I sound just like my mom. Maybe that means I’m well on my way to being more old fashioned? Haha!

Being old fashioned is cooking more and eating out less. It is eating more whole food and less processed food. It also means eating simple, good food, and not jumping on any food crazes or fads. We are not going gluten free or Paleo or anything like that. We are just going to be making a conscious effort to eat well without over-thinking it.

Being old fashioned in my mind can also include being more frugal – saving more for the things that are important to us, like a house, and spending less time and money consumed with new “stuff.” I think it can even mean attacking debt and getting serious about our financial goals for the future.
It is spending more time at church and continuing to get more involved in the ministries at our church. We are blessed to have a church that we absolutely love, and I don’t think it will be hard to spend more time there at all. Church to so many these days is an hour on Sundays, if that. I am lucky that I grew up in a family that was at church pretty much any time the doors are open. I want the same for my family, and Austin and I want to get in that habit and lay that foundation now.

As I think about being old fashioned, I keep thinking about my great grandparents and how they lived. They are my model for a wonderful life full of love for each other and their family, strong faith, good food, and contentment. They didn’t have cell phones, designer clothes or accessories, a computer, or any of the things that are so commonplace today. While I’m not so extreme as to give up my cell phone or computer, I am challenged and inspired by the simple way they lived life. They were perfectly happy and content, they had everything they needed, and I truly think their lives and hearts were full. This year I hope to become more like them.

Running a ½ marathon was on my resolution list for 2012, but it sadly did not happen. The key for me will be to pick a race and actually register for it. Due to the nature of Austin’s job, we probably won’t be able to be ready to run a race until fall, but I know it is going to take me actually shelling out the registration fee and writing it down in my planner to give me the push I need to actually start training and get it done!

In addition to our two main goals, we decided to do one smaller goal or resolution a month. For January, our challenge is to not eat sweets. No dessert, candy, cake, cookies, or pie of any kind. Our one exception is that we are both allowed one small piece of dark chocolate a day. We keep Dove dark chocolates stocked at all times, and it would be pretty difficult for me to give up my after lunch chocolate each day!

Other ideas we have for months to come include no eating out for one month, tracking all of our food we eat in My Fitness Pal daily for a month, some type of exercise related goal (maybe run X number of times a week for a month?), and a month where we drink a certain amount of water each day. I’m excited about this system, and I think it will keep the concept of goals new and fresh since we’ll be doing a little something each month instead of attempting to maintain 12 resolutions like this all year.

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  1. I love your goals for the year! I really like the one about becoming more old fashioned. Different things have become so easy to do or inexpensive to have others do it for you that the fun and fulfillment of doing it for yourself is lost. I also love the mini monthly goals because it makes accomplishing them seem so much more attainable. Good luck to both of you on the goals and Happy New Year!