Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WILW: Christmas Cards

Getting Christmas cards in the mail has quickly become one of the best parts of my day!  All during the month of December, I have loved all of the cute cards we’ve gotten, and I will be sad to take them down. I have just been propping them up on our bookshelf by the front door, and I like seeing them there to greet me every time I come home.  They are also a great conversation piece!  Who doesn’t love looking at Christmas cards?
This year I ordered our cards from Paper Source.  The blue color is a little bit unexpected for a Christmas card, and they are very simple, but I love them!  Now that I look at a picture of them on the blog, they kind of match. 

I learned my lesson this year about ALWAYS needing to order more cards than I think we’ll need.  Next year, I will definitely be ordering more!  I wanted to keep one for us to save so we’ll have one from each year, but I sent out every single one and was still wishing I had more to send.

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