Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Revamped JCP

After having not stepped foot in a JC Penny’s in years, Austin and I ventured into one recently on a whim looking for a tie for his work Christmas party.  We met there one evening after work, and I happened to get there a few minutes before he did.  I think I was literally walking around the store with my mouth hanging open.  I was 100% impressed and amazed with the entire store.  The store was open and clean and bright.  The clothes and shoes were all organized and straight.  The prices were unbelievable, and there were so many cute things that I was dying to try on!  I just couldn’t get over it.

We found Austin a super cute tartan tie that was on sale for around $20.  He got several compliments on it at his party, and I’m sure he will get lots of wear out of it in the future.  I called my mom after we left to gush about my new-found discovery and we quickly planned to return to JCP when she and my Dad were in Dallas.
{the tie in action}

We did go back the weekend that my parents were in town, and my mom and I did a good bit of Christmas shopping there.  On this trip, the cashier told us about these Christmas buttons that have little codes on the back, and you can simply input the codes on the JCP website and automatically win coupons and other prizes.  We now have a $15 coupon, and I’m already planning my next visit to shop for work clothes!

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