Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Cheer

My mom brought me these little guys last weekend, and I am loving the smell and look they have brought to our tree.  They remind me of Christmases growing up and how my mom would make them with her class each year. 


I am using that giant ball of red and white baker’s twine on every single thing I can get my hands on this year, and these are no exception.




While we’re on tree pictures… Katey and Casey came over for dinner earlier this week, and Katey brought me some delish hot chocolate.  We cozied up by the tree and had some after supper while Austin and Casey looked at Austin’s football card collection.  I did not know this collection even existed, let alone that it had been sitting in my apartment for a year and a half of marriage.  I kid you not – a giant box of sports cards.  I see absolutely no use for these whatsoever, but they did keep Austin and Casey entertained for the better part of an hour. 


Holidays are just the best!  This picture makes me so happy.

Today I checked a major item off of my Christmas to-do list – Christmas cards are all in the mail!  Finally.  I have had them since Thanksgiving, but this week I finally broke them up into three groups to do the addressing.  They are en route all over the south now :)  I’ll have to blog about them in a couple of days once people have started getting them in their mail boxes.  Now, on to a bigger to-do on the Christmas list: wrapping presents. 

Here’s my favorite one I’ve wrapped so far.  I might be stealing more berries from our tree…


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