Sunday, December 30, 2012

Catching Up After Christmas

We are finally back in Dallas, and I’m just itching to get back into a regular blogging routine.  Some of my Christmas presents from Austin were accessories for the iPad to make it easier to blog on the go, but I haven’t quite mastered my new apps to do that just yet.  So, now to catch up on a week’s worth of criss-crossing the state of Texas and spending time with our families! 


We celebrated in east Texas, north Louisiana, and in Austin this year, and we are truly fortunate that we were able to be off work for the entire week of Christmas.  I think I’ll do a blog post for each place in an attempt to keep this from being one gigantic picture dump.

Our first major Christmas was in Livingston with my parents, my sisters, and my grandmother and her husband Rick.  Mom and Dad fixed a wonderful meal of pork tenderloin, salad, twice baked potatoes, french bread, and lemon delight for dessert.  The food was amazing, and it was a treat to eat at the dining table all decorated for Christmas. 

IMG_1283  We did presents after supper, and everyone unwrapped some wonderful gifts!  I was so excited to unwrap a pretty green dutch oven that is now looking so cute on my stove back at home. 




IMG_1294  IMG_1299


Below is my favorite picture of the night – they were so excited to get iPhones for Christmas!  There may have even been some tears of joy…


There are so many other things we crammed in during our time in Livingston – church with my parents and hearing Mary Katherine play the prelude, cookie baking, game playing, and just good quality time with my favorite people! 






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