Thursday, November 1, 2012

You Might be Married to a Hunter if…

… If you come home from work to find his new duck decoys “hiding” all over your apartment.  Oh, and another telltale sign would be the abundance of hunting paraphernalia in your living room.  Let me just walk you through the scene I stumbled upon when I got home from work yesterday.

Here we have Mr. Mallard hiding under my desk:


Mr. & Mrs. Mallard in the corner of the breakfast area:


Oh, just some widgeons lounging on the floor near my closet:


A couple of gadwalls in my bathtub…


And to round things off, two green winged teal perched on a sofa table in the living room:



Oh, and the hunting purse makes another appearance!  Just another day in the life of a hunter’s wife.  What a glorious day it will be when we have a house with a garage for all of these fun toys. 

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